[Ambassadors] New ambassador from Mexico

Hector Alfonso Gonzalez Ramirez hagr182 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 22:31:58 UTC 2008

Well first of all sorry for the "delayed" introduction, I was having some
extra work from school due to some extra academic projects I embarked on.
For those of you (Which I guess would be the vast majority) who don´t know
me, I am Héctor González an IT student on Mexico, currently I am on my third
semester out of ten, so Ive still got a lot to learn, but that doesnt mean I
am a "noob (As you should have noticed now, I am also a Gamer) on IT
matters, I know the basics to digital logic, C++, java, HTML and of course
the basics on Fedora, I say basics because I´ve been using Fedora only for
the past 2 years, mainly because I didnt knew any other OS besides Windows
and Mac ( I´ve been using windows since I remember and Mac about 4 years ago
when I began working). My goal is to be part of something big, something
like Fedora or Microsoft and one day when I stablish my own bussines give
support and encourage the use of the open source alternative (Which I began
promoting as soon as I installed it on my laptop (R.I.P.)). So I hope to be
useful and put all I can onto the project.


Hector G.R.
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