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I still can not understand some posts in this list with Spanish.That's so difficult for me.... I am so sorry...


Nathanael Lee 

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Ö÷Ì⣺ Re:_[Ambassadors]_Materia_sobre_o_CESoL_(Diário_de_bordo) 
2008/8/26 Rodrigo Menezes <rodrigomenezes12 at yahoo.com.br>:
> Wrong e-mail address, sorry guys.
> Lucas, please send your Portuguese messages to fedora-mktg-brazil at redhat.com
> .
> Cheers,
> Rodrigo Menezes
It's not the wrong adress, if you have hold an event please post your
report firstly in fedora-ambassadors list.
English is preferable, moreover there are good translation tools like
Google Translate.
That's an advice for everyone: Event report firstly here, in Fedora
Ambassadors List!
Francesco Ugolini
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