[Ambassadors] Re: Approaching for a Fedora migration

Neville A. Cross nacross at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 02:40:10 UTC 2008

2008/8/26 Danishka Navin <danishka at gmail.com>:
> Folks,
> Actually they were interested on Ubuntu as they have free shipping process.
> Due to unlimited Ubuntu distribution, community also moving to Ubuntu.
> In a developing country this is much harder target. :(
I am not sure exactly how ubuntu works its free shipping, but I am
sure it is not unlimited. From friends that have ordered, I have heard
that there is a monthly quota, and also that it takes time to arrive.
Sometimes it takes about one month to receive the disk . I can see in
a one-per-one basis that having free media has a big impact. Here in
Nicaragua, I see how people prefer ubuntu because of that. But for an
effort of 10K computers it won't work in the traditional channels.

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