[Ambassadors] Re: Approaching for a Fedora migration

pablo at proyectofedora.org pablo at proyectofedora.org
Wed Aug 27 15:10:11 UTC 2008

Hi, all
>> But unfortunately we don't have free shipping process.
>> As the Fedora Free Media Country coordinator and Ambassador I need all
>> your help to achieve this.
> It is not clear to me what sort of help you are looking for. If you are
> seeking assistance, being more specific is a good thing and you should
> probably get local people to assist you.
Sometimes your posts make me feel a lot of disgustin. Its more than
obvious that this Ambassador are talking about free shiping of CDs/DVDs of
Fedora. Raul, I understand your passion for Fedora ( I have the same
feeling ),  but we are not perfect. Ubuntu has a better program than us
for free shipping cds. Is better to say " We dont have the money of Mark
Shuttleworth" to create a shipit.fedoraproject.org to request free cds or
dvds, than ask for a clarification of an obvious messages.

We are free, but we are not perfect....

Pablo Barrera

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