[Ambassadors] Re: Approaching for a Fedora migration

Kevin Verma kevinverma at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 27 16:24:54 UTC 2008

2008/8/27 Danishka Navin <danishka at gmail.com>:
> Dear all,
> This is for schools. and they don't have good band width for network
> installation and technical knowledge.
> Means each and every lab administrator doesn't have GNU/Linux Administration
> skills.
> But at least we need 1500 media dicks.
> I mean still I am talking with officials, and if we can approach early as
> possible.
> We can move 10k Boxes in to Fedora.
> Why our community selected Ubuntu?
> coz they do free shipping.
> Nobody want to wait till 3rd of the each month.
> Really we are far behind them.
> We have good stuff with in our each and every releases.
> But only techniques used to download latest release, and compare each other.
> During last year I was trying to keep non techy's on Fedora 8.
> Might this is not applicable for your region.
> More over...
> We should find out why people not coming to Fedora or why people moving out
> from Fedora.
> Now in my country BIA is operating.
> And it is good chance to spread Fedora.
> We always talking on what's New in Fedora next release.
> Why not what's new in marketing?
> frankly telling I don't know the Fedora market share.. :(
> --
> Danishka Navin


10k of boxes is a good number. What looks odd here is that only a
distro which will ship 1500 media copies for free will fit the bill.
Certainly it appears there is a weak technical asesment of the

Basic calculation from your emails makes  me understand there are
about 6-7 machines per site and Sinhala language is a critical
requirement. There is no information on what kind of apps are being
targeted for usage etc.

I am not going to merely describe a prescription here without enough
understanding, but I do want to say you can not just depend on Free
Media shipping, admins on site and technical consultants will have to
plan re-install & updates infrastructure as well.

There are various social or technical techniques you can apply such as
find other institutes that might have similar requirement, or also say
an ISP who can mirror Fedora repos locally; such an might do it to
retain this school group as a customer etc.

What ever you do I hope you will set the expectations right that this
school should choose Fedora for its community & technical merits but
not for free media shipment. I think you might want to ask while
Fedora community reaches out to them, what can they do in turn to
reach out to Fedora ?

Best wishes,

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