[Ambassadors] Re: Approaching for a Fedora migration

pablo at proyectofedora.org pablo at proyectofedora.org
Wed Aug 27 16:39:20 UTC 2008


> Not to me, it isn't. He could be looking for help in installing Fedora
> for multiple systems for example which is why David Nalley talked about
> Cobbler. How is asking for a clarification disgusting to you? I don't
> understand what's troubling you.

Just the way, not the content. Anyway the requirement is obvious...

> The cost of shipping media is prohibitive compared to the cost of
> replicating it. This is well known and has been discussed in the list
> multiple times which is why I indicated that local people are better
> suited to help.

Yes, but what the ambassador is talking about is a uncomfortable true. The
cost is prohibitive in some point of view. From the point of view of this
council could be more expensive send individual cds, but let the
ambassador take the cost of it, could be in some way, the reason why
ubuntu gets more sucess than us on this tip. If we want software freedom
for people, we must find the most effective way to spread fedora. Just and
opinion. Sorry but this is not flame.

I my humble opinion ( please take this message as a contribution, i dont
like flame wars ), the burocratic administration of the project, take us
to innefective results. Paul resolves the problem to get on participation,
but we are still slow in the way to connect to people.

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