[Ambassadors] Ambassadors and the wiki

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 27 19:11:21 UTC 2008

Dear Ambassadors,

Sorry guys, I have to bother some of you with some administrative tasks.

Wiki pages of the ambassadors
Just to be straight.  There are some really lousy wiki page from 
ambassadors on the wiki.  Hey, this is your business card on the web. 
How should people contact you if there are no contact data?  As an 
Ambassador you represent Fedora and only a small part of yourself. 
Think about what you think if you get a business card or look at one.

I don't want to start talking about Ambassadors wiki pages which haven't 
be edited since May 2008 when the wiki migration was...

If you are not familiar with the mediawiki syntax, you can use the 
following template [1].  Copy the source code of this page and use it at 
your own page.  Don't forget to place the right category entry.

Email address
Your email address should be valid ;-).  If you have not time to answer 
email messages which have a connection to your participation in the 
Fedora Project or the Ambassadors Project in specific, leave a note at 
your wiki page that you are busy/idle at the moment.  For all people who 
wants to contact you would this ease the communication process.  They 
don't waste their time to write you and ever get an answer.

Account in the FAS
There are a lot of 'inactive' accounts inside the Fedora Account System 
[2].  Please check your account and reactivate it if you are still 
interested to participate in the Fedora Project.
We would like to see your first name and last name in the 'Full Name' 
field.  If it's possible in Latin characters because most people can't 
read Cyrill, Chinese, or what ever.

Thanks for your cooperation

Kind regards,


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/HompepageTemplate
[2] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/

Fingerprint: 2F6C 930F D3C4 7E38 6AFA 4EB4 E23C D2DD 36A4 397F

Fedora always leads and never follows.

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