[Ambassadors] FAmSCo Meeting - IRC Log 2008-08-27

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 27 20:44:59 UTC 2008

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<fugolini> ok, who is here for FAmSCo meeting?
* spevack is here
* notting has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
* fabian_a is here
* iWolf is here
<fugolini> mh, ok, just a minute (hoping someone else will join us)
<fugolini> ok, we can start!
<fugolini> First of all: call roll
<fugolini> FrancescoUgolini
<fabian_a> FabianAffolter
<iWolf> JeffreyTadlock
<spevack> Max spevack
<fugolini> First topic: Budget
<fugolini> As you can see
<fugolini> Max posted in the list all the details about
<spevack> hopefully not too much more to say
<fugolini> FY Q3
<spevack> i think we're all set for Q3 budget
<spevack> any questions or comments?
<fugolini> spevack: only a question:
<spevack> fugolini: yep?
<fugolini> i know it's too early, but for Q4, we have to find a way to 
better distribute money, I just made some charts
<spevack> i'm open to any new idea
<fugolini> and I saw event are growing exponentially, that's good, but
<fugolini> or we lower budget or we have to focus on certain events, and 
try to help with alternative way other ones
<spevack> fugolini: there were many events added after the August 1 
deadline for funding, even with all my reminders.  i feel bad for those 
people, but if we fund everything, then each event almost gets nothing
<fugolini> in fact, this was a good way to filter, but there are still a 
lot of events and budget is not infinite
<fugolini> but, meanwhile, I personally want to read q3 events report :)
<fugolini> Any other questions?
<fabian_a> just one input: i think that it's possible to pass a part of 
the money from OpenExpo to Athens Digital Week.  the accommodation for 
OpenExpo will not need much money
<fugolini> great
<fugolini> Personally I think we are in the right way with budget.
<fugolini> eof
<fugolini> 2. Release events, i know it was in the 1 with budget but it 
quite different
<fugolini> I hope to organize a meeting with the release event owner
<fugolini> and understand the local status, moreover, I will be out 
starting from september 10th (not sure about it) due to a ship training
<spevack> fabian_a: yeah, i will work with Dimitris to handle Athens
<fabian_a> spevack: ok
<fugolini> I will send an email to Ambassadors list waiting for 
feedbacks. That's all
<fugolini> Suggestions?
<fugolini> ok
<fugolini> 3. Localization
<fugolini> I'm happy to say that the local groups activity is going on,
<fugolini> I didn't read the last NA meeting, but i'll do it soon
<fugolini> This is the most important space of the meeting
<fugolini> To FAmSCo members and who want to join this discussion: any 
* spstarr_work has quit ("the assimilation is complete, this machine 
goes Fedora now...")
<fugolini> spevack: about media production, is the actual system working?
<fugolini> or better
<fugolini> sorry
<fugolini> We had a discussion in FAmSCo list about it. Can we handle 
media production budget for next Quarter (Q4) alongside event sponsorization
<spevack> fugolini: well
<spevack> fugolini: for media production, here is what we are currently 
<spevack> in North America, event owners are using an on-demand vendor, 
and they can spend part of their budget on media
<spevack> in EMEA, we have a really good producer at Red Hat Munich, and 
we can take a little bit from different event budgets to produce Media.
<fugolini> just because a big part of the budget is spent for media 
production and except for medium event, the smallest one don't  need a 
lot of money if we give them media
<spevack> everywhere else, people are basically on their own
<spevack> fugolini: yep, you are right
<iWolf> NA is going to order in bulk.
<spevack> fugolini: i think it's working pretty well.  people aren't 
complaining right now about not being able to get media, so that is a 
good sign
<spevack> and local people are handling the details.
<fugolini> yes, it was only to assure some concern about it that I found 
in some local meetings
<fugolini> but thanks a lot for the answer
<fugolini> Any other question/update/etc?
<fugolini> 3
<fugolini> 2
<fugolini> 1
<fugolini> 4. Membership and more
<fugolini> First of all membership
<fugolini> there aren't relevant update about it. I want to personally 
thanks with fabian_a for his mails about m-l and irc
<fugolini> it's important to update periodically the users, just because 
sometimes someone forget the basic of the rules
<fugolini> joerg suggested, moreover, to work over a Membership rule etc.
<fabian_a> something from #fedora-ambassadors
<fabian_a> <delhage> something that I find annoying is all the "welcome 
to the family" etc replys to new ambassador intros. Nice, but can be 
sent as private e-mail
<fugolini> Yes, that's true, but it's quite complicated to ask people to 
make it, in the past we sent some advice but we can't stop those ones
<fugolini> Now, I want to ask all of you for advice about membership 
<fugolini> see Membership Administrators and newbie policy so that we 
will be able to write with the big help of Joerg a Ambassadors 
Membership policy draft
<fugolini> attention: nothing of this is about law or other, just a set 
of simple rules and way to prevent abusage
<fugolini> eof
<fugolini> Questions?
<fugolini> 3
<fugolini> 2
<fugolini> 1
<fugolini> Now another small point, all agree  to set fedora-ambassadors 
as our IRC channel in the FAS ?
<fugolini> for me is right, then if we will go back we will able to 
re-set this
<iWolf> it is fine with me
<fugolini> ok, so just do it :) !
<fugolini> For today we have finished, have you other suggestions?
<spevack> no, nothing from me.
* spevack is tired, the budget work has taken a long time :)
<fugolini> So, thank you for your attention
<fugolini> == Meeting adjourned ==

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