[Ambassadors] NA Ambassadors Meeting 2008-08-06 Meeting Summary

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Wed Aug 6 16:57:49 UTC 2008

Clint Savage led the meeting.

* News from FAmSCo - Jeffrey Tadlock, Q3 budget report and guidelines
for documenting activities discussed.

* Fedora outreach in the academic community - Jack Aboutboul, overview
of plans for how Fedora can increase its presence and impact at high
school and college campuses. Lively discussion with interrupted flow
due to network issues. Jack will submit a more detailed report to this
list soon to fill in some gaps. Jack has a bold vision of how to
proceed and we'll need to fully understand that vision in order to
most effectively mesh our efforts into it. More discussion will occur
on list about this subject.

* NA Goal review and reporting as it relates to events and activities
- David Nalley, discussion of ways to organize goals and better track
progress including promotion of "events" both large and small as well
as recruitment of ambassadors and other contributors to the project.
Grappling with the notion of an active ambassador and whether such a
notion is useful. The role of an ambassador is very broad and Fedora
can be promoted in so many ways this notion turns out to be difficult
to pin down. But it is very important to have ways to track what
ambassadors do at least at a high level so progress can be evaluated
and funding can be directed to appropriate need areas.

* Events in NA - Karsten Wade reported about Lindependence, some brief
discussion of other events, and planning for UTOSC. Some final
discussion about the future of event planning being directed through
the NA regional + FAMSCo process closed the meeting.

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