[Ambassadors] new draft Q3 budget (important for event owners & regional leaders)

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 17:31:13 UTC 2008


Also pasting the raw text below, so that people can comment in the 

This draft tries to (a) give more discretionary funds to North American 
leadership, (b) address budget concerns for FAD EMEA, and (c) leave a 
small budget in reserve Just In Case.

Thank you for your attention.


=== North America ===
* Ohio Linux Fest (Jeffrey Tadlock) -- $1,300
* Central Pennsylvania OSC (Yaakov Nemoy) -- $700
* FSOSS (Chris Tyler) -- $1,000
* F10 installfests & release parties
** Utah (Clint Savage) -- $100

Discretionary funding for North America regional leaders -- $700 (to be 
used for more installfests, release parties, or whatever the leaders 

$900 to David Nalley for division among:
* Fedora Docs Presentation (David Nalley)
* SWU (David Nalley)
* Benedict College (David Nalley)
* F10 Release Party (David Nalley)

North America total: $4,700

=== South America ===

$3,000 to Rodrigo Padula for division among:
* Encontro DF (Rodrigo Padula)
* Chihuahua FOSS Day (Alejandro Acosta)
* Latinux (Maria Leandro)
* Encuentro (Arturo Hoffstadt)
* Latinoware (Rodrigo Padula)

South America total: $3,000

=== Europe, Middle East, Africa ===

'''Remember, these amounts are in US Dollars!'''

* FUDCon Brno (Max Spevack) -- separate budget exists for FUDCon Brno.
* Open Expo (Fabian Affolter) -- $1,000 (approx. 650 EUR)
* GITEX (John Babich) -- $800 (approx. 525 EUR)
* Linux Day Italy (Luca Foppiano) -- $800 (approx. 525 EUR)
* FAD EMEA (Max Spevack) -- $2,000 (approx. 1200 EUR)

$1,500 (approx. 1000 EUR) to Fedora-fr for division among:
* Paris Capitale du Libre (Thomas Canniot)
* F10 Install Fest (Thomas Canniot)
* SFD (Chiheb Chabchoub)

Europe, Middle East, Africa total: $6,100

=== India, Asia, Australia ===

* AXIS (Susmit Shannigrahi) -- will be funded out of separate Fedora 
India budget.
* Fedora Infinity Day (Ashiqur Rahman) -- funding will be sent in Q2.

$1,500 to Harish Pillay for division among:
* FOSS Introduction Day (Jason Benedict Low)
* Software Freedom Day (Engels Antonio)
* HITB Sec Conf (Shahriman Samsudin)
* Bangladesh F10 Release Party (Mahay Alam Khan)

India, Asia, Australia total: $1,500

=== Total Budget ===

The figures above add up to  '''$15,300''', leaving '''$700''' 
unallocated for use later in the quarter, or to cover events that go 
over budget.

== Events without funding ==

''Do we want to try to fit any of these into the budget somewhere?''

* T-DOSE (no owner at August 1 freeze).
* Linux Day Austria (no owner at August 1 freeze).
* SCRubyCon (removed at request of event owner).
* Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium (added after August 1 deadline).
* Athens Digital Week (added after August 1 deadline).

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