[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2008-08-20

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 20 21:53:22 UTC 2008

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fabian_a> Welcome everybody.  Let's have Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA
<cmpahar> hello
* fabian_a take a look around to see who is here
* spevack waves
<fabian_a> Roll call.  Please state your first name and surname (in the 
past this was your wiki name)
<spevack> Max Spevack
<fugolini> FrancescoUgolini
<red_alert> Sandro "red" Mathys
<fabian_a> FabianAffolter
<killefiz> Sven Lankes
<Frankly3D> FrankMurphy
<fcrippa> FrancescoCrippa
<wonderer1> Henrik Heigl
<cmpahar> ChristosBacharakis
<cwickert> Christoph Wickert
<fabian_a> Just a reminder.  Please follow our meeting protocol.  Thank 
you. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
<fabian_a> Open our meeting page at 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-08-20 for the 
agenda if you like.
<rsc> [[User:robert|Robert Scheck]
<fabian_a> Let's start with the news from FAmSCo
<fabian_a> Please check the ambassadors mailing list about the Release 
<fabian_a> Other news from FAmSCo, fugolini?
<fugolini> Just a reminder to see the Max mail about the Q3 budget
<fugolini> for event owners only
<fugolini> eof
<spevack> we'll talk about budget in this meeting, when we get to events
<fabian_a> spevack: +1
<fugolini> yes, it was only a reminder to check the M-L
<fabian_a> Ok, next...Report current status of Ambassadors Membership
<fabian_a> There are now over 500 ambassadors registered in the FAS.
<fabian_a> Check http://jeffreyt.fedorapeople.org/ambassador-metrics/ 
for details
<fabian_a> Now Events
<fabian_a> Please open Fedora Events 
<fabian_a> Let's start with FrOSCon. anybody?
<spevack> !
<spevack> FrOSCon is this coming weekend.
<cwickert> !
<spevack> I will be there, along with Robert Albrecht, and a few others. 
  I am giving a talk on Saturday.  I also have a bunch of Fedora 9 Live 
CDs (the nice ones, same that we had at LinuxTag)
<spevack> we were hoping to have the new t-shirts for this event, but 
they are not ready in time.  That is my fault, and i apologize.
<spevack> EOF
<fabian_a> cwickert,
<wonderer1> ?
* ianweller lurks
<cwickert> has anybody details about accomondation?
<cwickert> I called up Regina hitel but the lady wasn't able to tell me 
if they have reservations for us
<cwickert> also tried to contact Robert Albrecht by mail, but no response
<spevack> cwickert: it was my understanding that romal was making 
reservation for us at hotel regina
<spevack> cwickert: i am just going to show up and ask for a room :)
<spevack> if they don't have my name!
<cwickert> spevack: mine too,
<cwickert> they have a bunch of reservations for "FrOSCon" but not sure 
if we were taken into account
<cwickert> will try to figure that out tomorrow and then inform you
<cwickert> eof
<fabian_a> wonderer1,
<spevack> cwickert: thanks :)
<spevack> cwickert: see you on friday or saturday!
<spevack> eof
<fabian_a> wonderer1,
<wonderer1> spevack: if thera where some CDs over I would be pleased if 
you could have them reserved them for an Event in Oktober. And if 
somebody have 1 or 2 Polos over (XXL) I also would be pleased. Thanks.
<wonderer1> eof
<spevack> wonderer1: CDs, I can give you.  Will you either /msg me or 
email me your address and how many you want.  Polos, I do not have any.
<cwickert> wonderer1: maybe I can borrow you a polo
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> maybe we should try to figure out who else need the 
Ambassador Polo and try to order at least for FAd
<GeroldKa> good eveing btw
<GeroldKa> eof :-)
<fabian_a> are we done with FrOSCon?
<spevack> hi GeroldKa!  EOF
<wonderer1> cwickert: thanks. will see how it goes with kital with new 
ones ... but thanks so far.
<spevack> fabian_a: yes, i think so
<fabian_a> FUDCon: this is for spevack
<GeroldKa> bonsoir MrTom
<spevack> FUDCon...
<spevack> well, are there any questions?
<spevack> it is in 16 days.
<spevack> everyone who is coming should already be signed up
<spevack> If you signed up for hotel, that will be fully paid for 100% 
by Fedora
<spevack> and I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL event.  It has been a 
long time since we had a FUDCon in Europe, and this will be the first of 
an annual EMEA FUDcon
<spevack> any questions?
<spevack> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon/FUDConBrno2008
<GeroldKa> ?
<spevack> EOF
<spevack> GeroldKa:
<GeroldKa> how many registered attendees, Max?
<spevack> 110
<GeroldKa> sounds not so bad
<spevack> it is about what I was expecting
<GeroldKa> and which number from Fedora?
<spevack> more may still register
<spevack> GeroldKa: i don't know the exact breakdown of Red Hat 
employees from Czech Republic, Red Hat employees from Germany or other 
parts of Europe, and Fedora contributors, but I think there is a very 
good mix.  Just looking over the names, there are a lot of people who I 
already know, and a lot of people who i have never met, so for me, it is 
a chance to get lots of people either more involved in fedora, or 
introduced to how to contribute to fedora
<spevack> EOF
<fabian_a> thanks spevack
<spevack> any other comments or questions about FUDCon?
<spevack> next year, we will pick another location in Europe.  It will 
move around :)
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> Just an idea, but why not at LinuxSolution  Paris
<GeroldKa> to show the french part of the world, that we are belong to them?
<GeroldKa> just an idea ....
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> let's move on...OpenExpo
<spevack> well, we (meaning Fedora Project) will certainly support 
LinuxSolution Paris, but I don't think we want to do one FUDCon in 
September and another in January.  too close together.  Also, the budget 
has already been decided through the end of February 2009, and there 
isn't money for another FUDCon.  But it is important that we continue to 
support the French ambassadors, which is why I had a meeting with MrTom 
and all the others a few weeks ago.
<spevack> EOF
<spevack> sorry fabian_a  :)
<spevack> !
<fabian_a> there is still a month to go.
<fabian_a> spevack,
<spevack> I want to talk about the budget for OpenExpo
<spevack> because we have so many events, and I want to make sure that 
everyone has what they need, but also the money disappears fast.
<spevack> Right now, we have budgeted $1000 USD (approx. 650 EUR) for 
the event.
<spevack> Do you think that is more than we need?
<spevack> what are the costs to Fedora for OpenExpo?
<spevack> I will bring CDsw
<spevack> which are already purchased
<spevack> We will bring some of our new t-shirts, which hopefully we can 
sell to make the money back.
<fabian_a> the accommodation is still not fixed, CDs are fixed, stickers 
are fixed
<spevack> fabian_a: we have stickers already?
<fabian_a> yepp, the small ones form Marco from LinuxTag
<fabian_a> around 30 pieces
<GeroldKa> !
<spevack> fabian_a: well, i would like to get more stickers made for 
general EMEA usage
<spevack> fabian_a: so let me just say this.
<GeroldKa> me has also such stickers, also that much
<spevack> The budget is 650 EUR, but it would be nice if we could not 
use all of that, because I think we will be happy if we have some extra 
money that we can use for other EMEA events later on in the quarter.
<spevack> EOF
<fabian_a> if we need beds in a hotel we need the money because there 
are at least 3 people who need a bed
<spevack> fabian_a: well, that is why we have budget :)
<fabian_a> i will take care that we don't need all the money fro this event
<GeroldKa> aber sicher ist es nicht
<fabian_a> any more questions about OpenExpo?
<spevack> i think we probably need to get more stickers made at some 
point, that we can use at different events in EMEA.  If someone wants to 
take care of that, we can use some budget to pay for it, as long as we 
agree on all the prices before we have them produced.
<spevack> stickers are easy to mail from one person to another ;)
<spevack> EOF
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> we should order Marco to take care for them
<GeroldKa> they were excellent
<GeroldKa> and not expensive
<red_alert> +1
<GeroldKa> eof
<kanarip> s/order Marco/kindly request Marco/
<wonderer1> +1
<fabian_a> +1
<cwickert> another +1
<fcrippa> +1
<spevack> +1
<GeroldKa> sorry for my awful english :-) yes and thanks kanarip
<spevack> kanarip: :)
<spevack> kanarip: I ORDER YOU TO WRITE CODE
<spevack> :)
<kanarip> it's so easy giving out orders like that to people like me
<fabian_a> who will tell marco that he will be in charge about the stickers?
<spevack> maybe GeroldKa?
<spevack> who has the good relationship with Marco?
<red_alert> I can, if someone tells me how much $ he should spend
<spevack> red_alert: it depends how much it costs ;)
<cwickert> spevak: petreu has, they shared a room at Berlin
<spevack> how many stickers can we get for 200 EUR?  300 EUR?  etc.
<GeroldKa> .. done ...
<GeroldKa> :-)
<spevack> and then we just fit it into the budget somewhere. ;)
<spevack> EOF
<GeroldKa> I asked for a quote @ Marco
<GeroldKa> by mail
<fabian_a> ok
<spevack> what's next?
<fabian_a> there are still some events left
<fabian_a> PCL5. SFD 2008, GITEX, LinuxDay
<spevack> !
<spevack> er, nevermind. :)
<spevack> go ahead
<fabian_a> maybe I will take the LinuxDay
<spevack> LinuxDay is italy, right?
<spevack> all the italian ambassadors are organizing that.
<fcrippa> yes, it is
<spevack> fugolini, fcrippa, lfoppiano, etc.
<fabian_a> this one is in austria
<spevack> fabian_a: ah :)
<fugolini> !
<spevack> if i can say one thing first, fugolini ?
<fugolini> absolutely yes
<fabian_a> there are "LinuxDay" in Italy and Austria
<spevack> LinuxDay in Austria was listed on the FedoraEvents page, but 
it had no owner.  So on August 1, when we started making the FAMSco 
budget, we did not give that event any budget since it had no owner.
<spevack> if we still want to do the event, then we will have to take 
budget away from other events.
<spevack> EOF
<spevack> Linuxday in Italy does have owners, and therefore it does have 
budget :)
<spevack> EOF
<spevack> how important is the Austria event, compared to all the other 
things we want to do in September - November?
<GeroldKa> we have one or two Ambassadors in Austria
<spevack> are either of them at this meeting?
<GeroldKa> but not very active here :-(
<fabian_a> i guess that it will be only a small event, not very important
<GeroldKa> I'm really sure they do a good job
<GeroldKa> but not really in that way that we know about, unfortunately
* spevack shrugs... we have to make tough choices.  no owner by the 
deadline, which was discussed many times on f-ambassadors-l, so no 
budget.  if they show up and want to try to make the event happen, we 
will see what we can do.  That is my opinion.
<spevack> we are trying to do 7 events in EMEA with a budget of about 
4000 EUR.  It's hard, I know.  I am sorry that not every event gets all 
the budget that it wants...
<fabian_a> spevack: the event is near the German and the Swiss border
<spevack> i hope we can do better next year, with more budget overall 
for Fedora.
<spevack> fabian_a: if we can still pull it together for comparatively 
little, then if we have extra budget from OpenExpo we could use it for 
<spevack> fabian_a: i leave it up to you?
* fugolini This is the total number of events by quarter -> Q1: 28 - Q2: 
26 - Q3: 37
<fabian_a> spevack: ok, i will think about my attendance
<spevack> fabian_a: we still have time to figure it all out :)
<fabian_a> spevack: yes, we have
<GeroldKa> if we haven't a owner, it makes not sense to take care for a 
budget, does it?
<GeroldKa> thinking about Austria
<fugolini> !
<spevack> GeroldKa: right... but if Fabian is willing to take ownership, 
and if he can save money from his openexpo budget, then i have no problem.
<fabian_a> we have stretched the events part enough...anything else 
about  PCL5. SFD 2008, GITEX, Athens Digital Week, Install Fest Paris or FAD
<spevack> this is part of the philosophy of trying to allow individual 
ambassadors freedom with their budgets, for events that are near them.
<spevack> !
<spevack> i have a few quick comments
<spevack> then fugolini needs to talk :)
<spevack> GITEX -- john babich is going.  he did a good job last year
<spevack> we have some budget for him this year again
<spevack> Athens digital week came after the deadline... i am sorry 
about that for dimitris, but we have no budget for it right now.  i will 
talk to him about it at FUDCon
<spevack> All the french speaking events, i leave to MrTom, and budget 
has been set aside for him.
<spevack> EOF
<spevack> fugolini: ...
<fugolini> nothing, going on, it's late
<fugolini> :)
<spevack> fugolini: sorry if i took too much time
<fugolini> absolutely no problem
<spevack> fabian_a: what else?
<fabian_a> NPO: There are no news from Fedora EMEA as far as I know.
<fabian_a> Now the stage is open...anything else? Any more questions or 
issues before we close this meeting?
<red_alert> !
<fabian_a> red_alert,
<red_alert> just some words about FAD EMEA 2008
<red_alert> I already sent out a reminder to the people who did not yet 
confirm their attendance, I hope to get the outstanding answers soon
<red_alert> if there's some questions or an issue, feel free to contact 
me, I'll try to help as good as I can
<red_alert> unfortunately, we're very limited on budget
<spevack> we have managed to increase the budget for the event, which 
will hopefully help a little bit.  but we are still on a tight budget. 
We picked a very expensive place :)
<fugolini> ?
<red_alert> the new budget plan says we have $2000, which is ok for the 
hotel but won't pay for food or travel
<spevack> $2000 = about 1250 EUR
<spevack> fugolini:
<fugolini> Why we didn't book the last FAD place?
<spevack> we tried, but they were already full
<spevack> :(
<red_alert> but $2000 are not the final budget, I hope...if people try 
not to spend all their event budget, the budget can get bigger after 
all. we might also get a little somewhat from fedora emea e.V. and 
there's a company in Switzerland that might sponsor us a little
<spevack> if FUDCon comes in under budget, we will take some of that for 
<spevack> and I am doing everything i can to get FUDCon in under budget 
by at least $1000
<fugolini> But it requires time before say yes or no
<fugolini> As i said and, i think i'm not the only one, this friday is 
too early, just because i don't know if i will have the money resource 
by the date we will hold the meeting
<fugolini> *for
<red_alert> I'm trying to find fun events that are free of charge but 
still a lot of fun - I already have one very good idea there (surprise)
<red_alert> I know, that this Friday is a very early deadline and I 
apologize for it
<spevack> red_alert: is there any chance to add one or two more people 
later on, if we tell them most of what we expect by this friday?
<fugolini> Personally I can't say yes, just because it's really risky to 
say yes and be 20% sure
<red_alert> but you see, the location of last year's FAD has no free 
rooms for all of november (not just the picked date!)
<red_alert> the second hotel we asked, the same
<red_alert> this is the third in the row and we were fortunate, that at 
exactly that weekend, they have some free rooms
<red_alert> but they want us to book by Friday
<GeroldKa> maybe I have another idea (in Germany)
<GeroldKa> but first I need to check
<GeroldKa> I will let you all know
<fugolini> GeroldKa: that's what i have in mind :)
<fugolini> but by the way, i'm sure at least one from Italy will attend
<GeroldKa> I know fugolini, that you "know me"
<red_alert> I planned to book the rooms we need for sure by Friday and 
let them know that we're interested in 1-2 more rooms but can't tell yet
<spevack> fugolini: if you guys can save some of the Linux Day Italy 
budget, then you can spend it to help with travel to FAD EMEA for 
Italians :)
<GeroldKa> but due a lack of time I had to give up organisation for this FAD
<red_alert> fugolini: I'm sure about two ;)
* fcrippa is not sure about opportunity to save money on linuxday... 
actually we're looking for extra sponsor to reach all the 100 events in 
<fcrippa> ;-)
<red_alert> btw, as I said, I know a company in Switzerland, that bases 
part of their business on Fedora (and also Ubuntu and others). I just 
dropped them a line to ask for some $ and they are really thinking about 
how much they can spend.
<red_alert> if you know of such a company in your region, why not ask 
them too? particularly, if you have contacts to somewhere working there
<red_alert> i think, that's it for know from my side EOF
<spevack> fcrippa: i am sorry that there isn't more budget.  We have 
expanded so much all over the world!  Too popular I guess ;)
<fcrippa> !
<fabian_a> fcrippa,
<spevack> we will have a good case to make for next year's budget
<spevack> EOF from me
<fcrippa> I'm interested in "fedora sponsorships" too
<fugolini> me too, thanks to red_alert and spevack for the organization. 
I know how difficult is organize such event with a small budget
<fugolini> ops
<fugolini> i'm referring to (23:09:52) spevack: EOF from me
<fugolini> lol
<fcrippa> i've added a point on fad program
<fcrippa> but I'd like to know "policies" or general rules to start 
relationship to make sposnorship possible also from Italy
<fcrippa> have fedora emea  got any ideas about that?
<spevack> fcrippa: we were talking abou that the other day... i think a 
DRAFT wiki page was created somewhere
<fcrippa> eof
* spevack looks around
<GeroldKa> !
<spevack> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Sponsorship
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<red_alert> I did set that up, yea: 
<spevack> fcrippa: keep in mind it is a DRAFT :)
<GeroldKa> Just to let you know (to whom it may concern); I'm from now 
on afk until 2008-09-07 without Internet
<spevack> GeroldKa: have a great vacation!
<GeroldKa> and now I go to bed (if we're done) *g*
<fugolini> bye
* fcrippa_ is back... sorry... wireless connection is terrible bad...
<wonderer1> ciao Gerold ...
<wonderer1> hy fcrippa ;-)
<red_alert> fcrippa_: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Sponsorship ...in case you 
missed the link :)
<fcrippa_> red_alert: yep, I missed :-)
<fcrippa_> thanks!
<fabian_a> are we done for today?
<fabian_a> 20
<fabian_a> 15
<fabian_a> 10
<fabian_a> 5
<fabian_a> 4
<fabian_a> 3
<fabian_a> 2
<fabian_a> 1
<fabian_a> Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-08-20 has been 
adjourned. Next meeting in September 2008.

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