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[Ambassadors] UTAH F10 Release Party - Report

This past Saturday was the Fedora 10 release party for Utah.  I
planned it apparently on a day when most folks in Utah are attending
Holiday parties or have family events.  I planned for approximately 30
people to attend, bought food, the whole nine yards, and I guess I was
being *really* optimistic.  However, we had just 5 people attend.

It wasn't a total loss though.  We did break out the video recording
equipment that can do a screencast from boot.  I believe we were able
to install Cambridge on 3 different machines and should have a good
video experience installing F10 once post-processing is completed.

The big hit was Plymouth, and I was able to modify my boot sequence
from the 'solar' to the 'pulse' theme.  There are other themes, and
maybe I'll do a screencast of them in the near future.  Sounds like
something fun to do actually.

Of the folks that arrived, we were able to install two machines fully,
and get one upgraded as well.  In addition, we had a late arrival who
had a macbook G3 and while he had already installed F10, we tinkered
with the VESA modes to see if we could get plymouth working, but ran
out of time.

I do have a few pictures, but have yet to post them.  I hope to have
them up soon.



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