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[Ambassadors] Recording FUDCon Audio

I'm not really sure where to start this conversation, so I thought I'd
at least start here and see where it goes.

I've recently purchased a new 8channel mixer for the local Utah Open
Source Foundation (UTOS)[1] which I run.  We record and stream[2] as
many of the Local User Groups (LUGs)[3] we can in the area.  We also
podcast[4] them afterward as well.

At the last FUDCon, I did a little bit of streaming on our UTOS
streaming server and even podcasted one on Fedora TV (remember that?).
 This year, with this mixer, I'd like to take the time to stream and
record audio for at least all of the classes that I can attend as well
as Paul's keynote.  I understand there may be desire to video record
this presentation as well, and I wonder what plans, if any, there are
in place already.

The thought I had was possibly to request resources from
infrastructure to build a icecast streaming server with FAS
authentication (maybe) and use that.  If that fails, I can still use
the UTOS streaming server.

Anyway, lend your thoughts.



1 - http://utos.org
2 - http://stream.utos.org:8080
3 - http://blog.utos.org/utah-tech-groups/
4 - http://podcast.utos.org

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