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[Ambassadors] Fedora Presentation and F10 Release Party / InstallFest Event Reports

I have had a pretty busy past week so please forgive me if I am a
little late in reporting these.

On Monday December 8th, 2008 I gave a Fedora presentation at ITT
Technical Institute in Harrisburg PA to 2 different groups of students
throughout the day (the overall total was around 55 or 60). The entire
group consisted of Multi-Media, Programming, Criminal Justice and
Networking students. ITT Technical Institute already is utilizing
Fedora in their Networking curriculum (currently Fedora 8). My
presentation was geared mainly towards how students could build
experience and a work portfolio while going to school by contributing
to Fedora as well as some of the new features of F10 and I also did a
small presentation on the XO and OLPC program.

The presentation was well received in fact I was invited by the IT
Chair to do another presentation in the upcoming Spring semester.

I collected quite a number of email addresses of interested students
that I am currently following up with on becoming possible

This past weekend I held a Fedora F10 Release Party and InstallFest
with the WNYLug (http://wnylug.org). I presented to the group (around
23) about the Fedora Project and how they could join to become
contributors. During the event I created quite a few F10 Live-USB keys
and assisted with new installations of F10 on laptops and desktop that
were brought in by the attendees and any other questions that they had
with existing installations.

Special thanks to the WNYLug (who has only been in existence since Oct
2008) for making this event a huge success and helping out with
burning install media and live-cd's.

Pics from this event will be posted shortly on the WNYlug site



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