[Ambassadors] Fedora EMEA Board Elections nominations | February 9th - February 21st

Sandro "red" Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Mon Feb 11 06:54:33 UTC 2008

Matthias Kranz wrote:
> But then I totally disagree with the fact that the instantiation of this
> organization happens "in the background". Only people who attend FOSDEM
> are allowed to vote and to candidate for the board.

Actually, we can't change anything about this (except we could do it at 
another time/place, but that wouldn't change too much). The law requires 
to have the people on-site when founding an association. If I understand 
the statutes correct, later votings must not necessarily be "offline". 
I'm not sure regarding board elections tho. Normally one needs to be 
physically present to be elected to the board AFAIK.

Someone with more knowledge of the German law should be able to correct me.


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