[Ambassadors] Fedora 9 Always leads never follows

Franz Robert franz at 688i.com
Wed Feb 13 00:46:53 UTC 2008


I'm interested by some short texts or sentences about Fedora 9 new
features that could catch the attention of the press people. These might
be in the Fedora spirit I recall in the subject: Fedora always leads,
never follows.

What makes Fedora different in facts for users and what is really
important to say about F9 release (for ex.: vs Ubuntu current release ;
vs any other free/open offer).

I plan to send a press release WITH a live CD and a complete DVD to all
the computer media writers when it will time to (and why not a F9

Any proposal is welcome and we can discuss it to set the right words in
the "perfect" press release*. We will keep an English one. Then any
ambassador or marketing group's member can translate for local use).

This subject could be in the marketing news list but I think ambassadors
should be closer to users, vendors and press. Finally, most of us are in
the marketing group!

Thanks to help in this brainstorm.


* A press release must be short, strait to the hot spots, easy to
understand and it have to highlight what really matter for the users.
So prefer "Fedora project strike again in Linux World with top of the
art release 9!" more than "Fedora project announce release 9!" (That
will be translated in magazines - if done - by something like "Another
release for Fedora Linux").
And, if this is possible, think about NINE best striking - 2008 feeling
- sentences.
After the title and the nine striking points, we need a short text,
about 3 or 4 lines they say "What is Fedora (at least a LINUX leading
OS)" ; "Who can/may use it and Why" ; "How to get it".

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