[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2008-02-13

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Wed Feb 13 21:58:05 UTC 2008

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On Wed, 13 Feb 2008, Fabian Affolter wrote:

> <fabian_a> let's have monthly Fedora Ambassadors Meeting for EMEA
> <fabian_a> Please state your wiki name please (aka roll call).
> <spevack> MaxSpevack
> <red_alert> SandroMathys
> <fcrippa> FrancescoCrippa
> * kital (n=Joerg_Si at fedora/kital) has joined #fedora-meeting
> <fabian_a> FabianAffolter
> <red_alert> AndreasRau told me he regrets to not be able to be here
> * spevack thought this meeting was every week.. it's only once a month?
> <spevack> is GeroldKa here?
> <fabian_a> yes, only once a month
> <kital> JoergSimon <- late
> <fabian_a> where are all the other ambassadors?
> <fabian_a> are we going to cancel this meeting because we are only 5 people?
> <kital> wait a view minutes
> * ChitleshGoorah (n=chitlesh at has joined #fedora-meeting
> <spevack> i have a few questions i'd like to ask, while we at least have a 
> few people here.
> <spevack> hi ChitleshGoorah!
> <rsc> oh
> <rsc> RobertScheck
> <ChitleshGoorah> hai spevack
> <ChitleshGoorah> ChitleshGoorah
> <fabian_a> spevack: go a head
> <rsc> fabian_a: there was no reminder AFAIK
> <red_alert> if Andreas hadn't told me he's not attending the meeting like 40 
> minutes ago...I'd have missed it too :/
> <fabian_a> rsc: there was a reminder on monday
> <spevack> Well, I wanted to see if everything is ready for FOSDEM -- if there 
> is anything else people need.
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> * ChitleshGoorah now confirms his presence at FOSDEM :)
> <rsc> fabian_a: between Monday and today were worlds for me, sorry.
> <ChitleshGoorah> but stays only up to 12h on sunday
> <spevack> And second, I wanted to know if there is a separate meeting for the 
> LinuxTag planning, or if we talk about that here.
> <rsc> spevack: it is likely, that a second real-life meeting for LinuxTag 
> will bring more results - just FYI
> <rsc> Gerold mentioned such a second meeting vaguely in the past
> <rsc> (of course, we can talk about everything here as well)
> <fabian_a> spevack, right now there is only the mailing list. there is no 
> further meeting planned so far
> <spevack> fabian_a: can I get added to that mailing list (mspevack at 
> redhat.com) for LinuxTag planning?
> <spevack> I placed an order last week for 1,000 Fedora stickers and 200 
> Fedora tshirts... almost all of that will be for LinuxTag
> <fabian_a> spevack, i will take care about that
> <spevack> we will make more swag than that later, but I wanted to order this 
> stuff early because we had some extra money.
> <kital> !
> <fabian_a> kital:
> <kital> should we make a second RoleCall ? and start the meeting?
> <fabian_a> sure
> <kital> do it! eof
> <fabian_a> please state your wiki name and start with the meeting
> <fabian_a> once again
> <kanarip> JeroenVanMeeuwen
> <fabian_a> FabianAffolter
> <kital> JoergSimon
> <fcrippa> FrancescoCrippa
> <ChitleshGoorah> ChitleshGoorah:
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> <spevack> MaxSpevack
> <red_alert> SandroMathys
> <red_alert> as I said before, AndreasRau regrets to not be able to attend
> <rsc> RobertScheck
> <MrTom> ThomasCanniot
> <fabian_a> Just the normal reminder. We'll still follow our meeting protocol 
> to make this meeting quick and efficient. 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
> <tw2113> MichaelBeckwith
> <fabian_a> open our meeting page at 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-02-13 if you like
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> <fabian_a> 1. Report current status of FAmSCo
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> #fedora-meeting
> <fabian_a> fugolini is not present. skip this...
> <fabian_a> next topic: Ambassadors Membership
> <fabian_a> As of 2008-02-11, 305 Ambassadors have been verified (signed CLA 
> and joined 'ambassadors' group)
> <spevack> !
> <fabian_a> spevack:
> <ChitleshGoorah> !
> <spevack> do we know how many of those 305 are new since last month? And do 
> we know how many of those 305 are in EMEA specifically?
> <spevack> eof
> <fabian_a> i guess not but there are ways to register the new ambassadors 
> every month
> <spevack> i think that it is very important
> <spevack> to not only have the *total* number of ambassadors
> <spevack> but also to know the growth each month, and the regions where that 
> growth is happening.
> <spevack> That is the sort of data that is very useful to Fedora Board and 
> Red Hat in securing budget for Ambassadors.
> <fabian_a> they can separate by countries -> 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Count
> <kanarip> +1
> <spevack> the time i spent in europe last year was very useful for this
> <spevack> and we have more money for Ambassadors in general -- all over the 
> world -- because we saw how strong Europe was, and we also know that South 
> America is very strong.
> <spevack> and now Greg and I will be focusing much more on those two regions 
> in the coming year than in the past.
> <spevack> So it will be up to the local groups -- and also FAMSCO -- to 
> continue to provide folks like me with the data that we need to get budget.
> <spevack> EOF -- sorry to ramble
> * valen1 (n=valentt at dh207-61-67.xnet.hr) has joined #fedora-meeting
> <kanarip> !
> <fabian_a> i will collect this data. like for the fad 2007 at berlin
> <fabian_a> ChitleshGoorah,
> <ChitleshGoorah> talking about CLA, I have noticed some contributors 
> (packagers mostly) are using fake names rather than real names. this is 
> mostly a fedora advisory board issue, but its worth that everyone knows this 
> issue so that we can little by little prevent such things: _eoc_
> <valen1> is this the channel for EMEA meeting? sorry for being late...
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> <valen1> tehnical issues because I'm not connecting from home
> <spevack> valen1: this is the right place :)
> <spevack> ChitleshGoorah: can you send a mail to f-a-b about that?  and then 
> they can take care of it (hopefully).
> <spevack> ChitleshGoorah: maybe give some examples.  Or if you want, send me 
> the examples and I will write the mail to f-a-b
> <ChitleshGoorah> when i'll have time i'll do it
> <spevack> EOF
> <fabian_a> thanks ChitleshGoorah
> <valen1> I'm Croatian Ambassador, and this is my first contact in any 
> official irc ambassadors channel.
> <spevack> valen1: Welcome!  we are all happy to meet you!
> <valen1> thank you
> <fabian_a> valen1, please follow the protocol 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
> <fabian_a> are we done with Ambassadors Membership?
> <kanarip> i had an outstanding !
> <fabian_a> sorry, kanarip
> <kanarip> i remember i had to update the countrylist manually when i joined 
> the ambassadors, so that isn't representing the numbers exactly. I recall FAS 
> has some information about the country for each FAS member so maybe we can 
> check who is where in the 'ambassadors' group using that. EOF
> <spevack> !
> <fabian_a> spevack,
> <spevack> In the past 2 days I have sent email to mike mcgrath and toshio 
> asking if they can help pull data like this from the FAS.  I think that it is 
> probably very easy for them.
> * spevack cares a lot about statistics and metrics/
> <spevack> EOF
> <kanarip> +1, or "cool"
> <fabian_a> anything else?
> <fabian_a> next, please open Fedora Events 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
> <kital> !
> * KAM (n=karim_ah at has joined #fedora-meeting
> <fabian_a> let's start with Linux Solutions, MrTom perhaps
> <fabian_a> kital,
> <kital> Material& Material Tracker?
> <MrTom> !
> <kital> The Generic Poster we decided is designed and i will get Prints on 
> Truckplane tomorrow so we can see how they will work
> <kital> so we have that for now
> <spevack> !
> <kital> eof
> <fabian_a> we have kicked the material tracker because there was only a 
> little feedback about this during the last year
> <fabian_a> spevack,
> <spevack> MrTom was first... i yield to him
> <fabian_a> then MrTom,
> <MrTom> ok Solutions Linux was a great success. We had the chance to received 
> the 100 live cds the first morning of the event directly on the booth, thanks 
> to Gerold reactivity. All the DVDs were sold or given.
> <spevack> ?
> <MrTom> we also tried to have contact with Franz Meier, but he was too busy 
> and we missed him.
> <MrTom> eof
> <fabian_a> spevack,
> <spevack> two things
> <spevack> first
> <spevack> i want everyone here to understand something about budget
> <spevack> at Red Hat
> <spevack> March 1 is the date where we get new budget for the year.
> <spevack> For europe, we have several ideas for this budget -- a few big 
> shows like LinuxTag and FOSDEM, probably one big FUDCon somewhere in Europe, 
> etc.
> <spevack> But also we have budget -- about $12,000 per quarter, for the 
> entire world -- for smaller shows.
> <spevack> So I look at the FedoraEvents page
> <spevack> and I realize that we didn't help with LinuxSolutions at all for 
> budget.
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> <spevack> but I want to fix problems like that in the future
> <fcrippa> !
> <spevack> so i just want you all to know -- we will have much more budget 
> starting March 1, and now that I am not the overall Fedora Leader anymore, I 
> am going to be focusing lots of my time on Ambassadors
> <spevack> and events worldwide.
> <spevack> as is Greg DeKoenigsberg
> <spevack> second thing...
> <spevack> MrTom did we sign up any new contributors at LinuxSolutions?
> <spevack> I think it is very important that we try to help new contributors 
> sign the CLA and get their Fedora account at shows.
> <spevack> EOF
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> <MrTom> !
> <glezos> hi all, sorry I'm late -- was at work
> <fabian_a> fcrippa,
> <fabian_a> then MrTom,
> <fcrippa> I've seen there's a "RedHat Partner Summit" in EMEA this year, very 
> similar to RH Summit (usa) format
> <fcrippa> do you think it could be possible to have a "fedora" space into 
> this event?
> <spevack> fcrippa: I think that Red Hat is planning *something* in Europe 
> similar to the RH Summit in the USA.  And if/when that happens, we will try 
> to have a Fedora event at the same time.
> <valen1> +1 for helping contributos sing CLA
> <fcrippa> eof
> <spevack> fcrippa: we are having a FUDCon at the same time as the RH Summit 
> in USA.
> <spevack> And from now on, we will have a FUDCon at every RH Summit, anywhere 
> in the world.
> <fcrippa> http://www.europe.redhat.com/mktg/partnersummit/?sc_cid=547
> <spevack> EOF
> <MrTom> spevack, unfortunately no, most people come here to know what fedora 
> is, get a cd,  and to make criticism (good or bad) of the distro, or to have 
> a chat with us. eof
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> <spevack> MrTom: ok.
> <glezos> spevack: that's great news
> <fabian_a> next event: Lolug Pillole at Lodi (formally "Fedora by Night")
> <spevack> fcrippa: This is the first I have heard of the partner summit in 
> your link... so i don't know if Fedora will be there.  But *after* that, we 
> will definitely have Fedora at all major RH events in Europe (that is my 
> plan)
> <spevack> EOF
> <fcrippa> spevack: +1
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> <fabian_a> fcrippa, something about Lolug Pillole at Lodi
> <fcrippa> ok
> <fcrippa> Everything should be ready
> <fcrippa> I've received dvds from spevack some weeks ago
> <fabian_a> thanks fcrippa
> <fcrippa> t-shirts and caps (20 items) from spriedshirt last week (with local 
> "own" budget)
> <fcrippa> and tomorrow I hope to have mairin posters printed
> <spevack> !
> <fcrippa> We've got al least 3 big online italian newspaper that report news 
> about "fedora by night"
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> <fcrippa> eof
> <fabian_a> spevack,
> <spevack> After March 1 when we have our new budget
> <spevack> I will be happy to pay the costs of several sets of Mairin's 
> posters to be made for the European ambassadors
> * EvilBob (n=bob at fedora/pdpc.sustaining.BobJensen) has joined #Fedora-Meeting
> <spevack> so if fcrippa or kital are making them, i can pay you back in a few 
> weeks.
> <spevack> one question.
> <spevack> are we translating the posters?
> <spevack> or just english?
> <spevack> EOF
> <fcrippa> !
> <rsc> !
> * kital not - because i use it in Brussels Germany and Poland
> <rsc> +1
> <fabian_a> fcrippa
> <fcrippa> just english
> <fcrippa> in Italian they sound a bit strange...
> <fcrippa> best results with english version
> <fcrippa> eof
> <red_alert> +1
> <glezos> spevack: FWIW, I'll translate it for a local event.
> <fabian_a> rsc,
> <rsc> fabian_a: just the same as kital (and +1 as mentioned) EOF
> <fabian_a> ok
> <valen1> ?
> <fabian_a> valen1,
> <valen1> I have a question about budgeting. Does the budget cover some events 
> that promote fedora but aren't shows?
> <valen1> I have a project in mind that would get quite large media coverage 
> in Croatian mainstream media and I would like to present it like Red 
> Hat/Fedora sponsored event.
> <spevack> !
> <valen1> It would be localisation marathon - we would get 10-15 contributors 
> to work on translation of Fedora, Gnome and other projects to Croatia. That 
> would be a great way of promoting Fedora as a distribution for education, 
> local groverment, etc...
> <valen1> I believe that this would be a really not expensive event. And we 
> would also like to distribute fedora promo materials on this event that would 
> be 2 days long. We could do this every month... and we believe that after 2-3 
> events we would get local companies to cover the budget.
> <valen1> How does this sound to you?
> <valen1> eof
> <spevack> valen1: I think it sounds very, very interesting.  and I would 
> think that glezos, who is our translation and localization king, could 
> probably help you out.  I am happy to support an activity like that.
> <spevack> I really need to do a longer presentation to all of you about our 
> budget.
> <spevack> But to explain it in 30 seconds:
> <spevack> there is money set aside specifically for shows and events
> <spevack> but there is also money set aside for localization, and for other 
> opportunities that we can't forsee but that come up.
> <spevack> valen1: for anything specific to the actual *work* around 
> localization, i suggest you talk to glezos.  For any money needs, I am the 
> guy to talk to.
> <spevack> EOF
> <glezos> !
> <fabian_a> glezos,
> <glezos> valen1: *any* help I can give, just yell. In fact, I'll come private 
> now or a bit later to make sure you have everything you need.
> <glezos> eof
> <fabian_a> ok, next event
> <fabian_a> FOSDEM 2008
> <fabian_a> any news?
> <glezos> wiki page: 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/FOSDEM/FOSDEM2008
> <glezos> !
> <fabian_a> glezos,
> <kital> !
> <glezos> fabian_a: seems we'll be a big bunch of people, yay!
> <fabian_a> we will :-)
> <glezos> I have scheduled a meeting with the mediawiki guys to talk about 
> localization, since we're thinking about having it as our wiki solution
> <glezos> And also I'd really like us to sit down and discuss localization, 
> our tools, community around translations and *everything* around this issue.
> <glezos> So I'll make sure to go around and find a slot of 1-2 hours to 
> properly cover everything, so that I'll make sure you have what you need for 
> getting the word out to any local group/language
> <glezos> eof
> <kanarip> hold on guys i gotta jump irc servers the one i'm connected to is 
> going down for maintainance
> * ChitleshGoorah now confirms his presence at FOSDEM :) but will return early
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> <fabian_a> kital,
> * kital will bring "older" OLPC from Max, will bring the Posters - and the 
> Fedora Ambassador  Polos which are ordered and will arrive in time
> <kital> eof
> * spevack is trying to get some new OLPC in time for LinuxTag
> * ChitleshGoorah will bring a KDE4 on a laptop + FEL applications :)
> * glezos will bring a Tux poster 3m high :P
> <fabian_a> anything else about FOSDEM?
> <red_alert> !
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> <fabian_a> red_alert,
> <MrTom> !
> <red_alert> I just got message from the linuxtag organizers...they'll attend 
> FOSDEM (and some other european events in the next some weeks) too...maybe a 
> good chance to clear some things in person where necessary
> <red_alert> eof
> <fabian_a> MrTom,
> <MrTom> french people should normaly bring 100 Fedora badges, this is an 
> exprimental order from us.
> <MrTom> we don't know if we'll got them on time
> <MrTom> eof
> <fabian_a> thanks, MrTom and red_alert
> <fabian_a> next event: Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2008
> <kital> !
> <fabian_a> kital,
> <kital> Booth is allocated 
> http://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de/2008/live/detail.html?idx=133
> * stickster is now known as stickster_afk
> <kanarip> !
> <kital> special Poster generated http://jsimon.fedorapeople.org/clt2.pdf
> * kital and rsc, JensKuehnel DanielKretzschmer are Ambassadors off duty
> <kital> eof
> * ChitleshGoorah motivates ambassadors to go to chemnitz, their social party 
> is great :)
> <fabian_a> thanks, kital
> <fabian_a> next will be OpenExpo 2008 Berne
> <spevack> !
> <fabian_a> spevack,
> <spevack> if either fabian_a or kital need some budget to help make your 
> events more successful, I can give you that after March 1.  Let me know.
> * stickster_afk is now known as stickster
> <spevack> eof
> <fabian_a> thanks, spevack. so far we have Live CDs from GeroldKa and some 
> posters from last year. maybe a text-banner too
> * kital has noticed
> * _blah_ (n=rob at rXm-581b.stl.gtri.gatech.edu) has left #fedora-meeting
> <fabian_a> i want to discuss the rest during fosdem because kital is there, 
> too
> <fabian_a> next: LinuxTag
> <fabian_a> there was a offline meeting at the begin of february
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> #fedora-meeting
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> #fedora-meeting
> <fabian_a> check out 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2008/FLTT if you 
> want to help
> <fabian_a> anything else about Fedora Events?
> <glezos> (Thumbs-up for organizing stuff in the open, on the wiki!)
> <spevack> !
> <fabian_a> spevack,
> <spevack> I have one quick question
> <spevack> i notice that there are lots of EMEA events in Feb, Mar, Apr, May.
> <spevack> After linux tag
> <spevack> the EventsList for Europe drops off a lot
> <spevack> are there no other events, or are they just not on the list yet?
> <spevack> eof
> <rsc> !
> <fabian_a> rsc,
> <rsc> AFAIK there are nearly less to no bigger events. Correct me, if I'm 
> wrong.
> <rsc> EOF
> <kital> !
> <fabian_a> kital,
> <kital> Froscon, Frühjahrsfachgespräch are the only - i know
> <kital> eof
> <fabian_a> froscon is already on the list
> * JSchmitt (n=s4504kr at p54B13327.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined 
> #fedora-meeting
> <fcrippa> !
> <fabian_a> fcrippa,
> <fcrippa> In Italy will be "Linux Day"
> <spevack> well, then the less busy time will be a good time to try to 
> organize a Europe FUDCon ;)
> <fcrippa> more then 100 small event in the same moment
> <fcrippa> one for each italian cities
> <fcrippa> last year ubuntu dominated dvd distribution...
> * jmbuser (n=jmbuser at has joined #fedora-meeting
> <fcrippa> so I hope this year also fedora can participate to dvd war..
> <glezos> spevack: definitely! Distances are small here, so we could get a lot 
> of people together more easily.
> <fcrippa> eof
> <fcrippa> (linux day should be last week of october)
> <valen1> ?
> <fcrippa> spevack: +1
> <fabian_a> valen1,
> <valen1> Will there be a full text copy of this meeting - if it will - where 
> and when?
> <valen1> glezos please contact me offline because I have to go now. My email 
> is valent.turkovic at gmail.com because I have lots of localization questions.
> <valen1> Thank you all and bye.
> <valen1> eof
> <glezos> valen1: will do!
> <fabian_a> more issues about events?
> <kanarip> there's an event called "HCC dagen" with about 120.000 visitors in 
> Oct/Nov in the Netherlands
> <red_alert> !
> <spevack> kanarip: add it! :)
> <fabian_a> please add all events to 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
> <fabian_a> red_alert,
> * valen1 has quit ("Leaving.")
> <red_alert> I know that FrOSCon is taking place no earlier than august...but 
> just to check, is there someone feeling responsible for that event? they 
> should  add themselves to the FedoraEvents page
> <red_alert> eof
> <fabian_a> next topic: NPO
> <fabian_a> kanarip please
> <kanarip> ok
> <kanarip> i've sent the latest draft of the NPO statutes to the mailing list, 
> incorporating some of the comments made on the first draft
> <kanarip> Gerold indicates that the financial department in Germany still 
> needs to "OK" the first draft and that is just to indicate there are no 
> fundamental problems -nothing official about their answer-
> <kanarip> We've set up a page where you can self-nominate if you would want 
> to run for board and the law requires a minimum of 4 people on the board, and 
> so far 4 people have nominated themselves
> <rsc> !
> <kanarip> note that amongst those 4 is MaxSpevack, who regretably will not be 
> able to attend FOSDEM and can therefore not be elected :/
> <spevack> :(
> <kanarip> again, that's a requirement by law and not something we made up on 
> the spot < sorry max :/
> <spevack> kanarip: but i will someday stage a coup! ;)
> <kanarip> you will i'm sure i'll be watching you ;-)
> <spevack> kanarip: it's ok.  I even noted that on the page
> * spot ponders a coup
> <kanarip> so far, so good, gerold and i have been thinking about postponing 
> the foundation if there is 1) not enough candidates for board, or 2) if the 
> ambassadors think max should be there when it all goes down
> <rsc> There was a parol "OK" by a German financial department for the first 
> draft (?), but nothing in written form, yet -- EOF (fabian_a, you're to slow)
> <kanarip> 3) whatever other reason you can think of... fill us in
> <kanarip> any questions?
> * MrTom has quit ("Fedora: Would you run anything else?")
> <fabian_a> now it's up to rsc :-)
> <kanarip> there is an opportunity on the table to motion... i'll ask again, 
> any questions?
> <red_alert> ?
> <fabian_a> red_alert,
> <glezos> kanarip: FWIW, I'm planning on nominate for the board as well
> <spevack> spot: i called dibs on the coup, but you can be my minion if you 
> like ;)
> <kanarip> no-one wants to suggest postponing and make a motion to do so?
> <kanarip> red_alert, there's your answer i guess ;-)
> * stickster has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
> <red_alert> we could still have a general member meeting at linuxtag in 
> berlin in order to give more members to be voted into the board that can't go 
> to FOSDEM, right? of course we still need 4 nominees at FOSDEM
> * tw2113 (n=tw2113 at host-94-134-2-96.midco.net) has left #fedora-meeting ("IRC 
> is just multiplayer notepad")
> <spot> spevack: yes, but i will be at fosdem. muahaa!
> * spevack shakes his fist
> <red_alert> oh...eof
> <kanarip> red_alert, maybe we could i'll have to clear that up with Gerold
> <kanarip> fabian_a, i guess there's no more questions or comments so we can 
> continue ;-)
> <kanarip> EOF
> <rsc> kanarip: +1 / red_alert: -1
> <fabian_a> thanks, kanarip
> <fabian_a> the stage is open
> <kanarip> rsc, +1 to what exactly?
> <ChitleshGoorah> Here is presentation I did for Fedora Electronic Lab, 
> http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/FEL/fel-fabless-solutions.pdf , please pass 
> it on to those you may know who might interested. I talked about where FEL 
> applications can be used and how academic institutions might take advantage 
> of it.
> <ChitleshGoorah> eof
> * stickster (n=pfrields at ip72-209-237-99.dc.dc.cox.net) has joined 
> #fedora-meeting
> <fabian_a> anything else?
> * DanseMakabre (i=pat at bobo.ds5.agh.edu.pl) has joined #fedora-meeting
> <kanarip> apparently not
> <fabian_a> ok
> <rsc> kanarip: communication with Gerold about this/doing it still on FOSDEM
> <fabian_a> 5
> <fabian_a> 4
> <fabian_a> 3
> <fabian_a> 2
> <fabian_a> 1
> <fabian_a> Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-02-13 has been adjourned. 
> Next meeting in March 2008.
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