[Ambassadors] Fedora NPO

Gerold gerold at lugd.org
Thu Feb 14 14:00:47 UTC 2008

>> as you might have read, Jeroen and me are trying to found a
>> Non-profit-Organisation (aka NPO) for Europe and we want to found this
> I wounder this NPO will cover only Europe or EMEA?
Sorry for the type-mismatch ...
WE want to cover as large as we can and if we can cover the whole world,
we`ll do so!
You´re completly right .... In the first thought and the main goal is to
cover EMEA; not only Europe. EMEA means Europe, Middle East and Africa ...

>> Back to the basics (of that German law of founding) ...
>> First you need to be seven legal persons who are willing to found such a
>> NPO.
> this legal means Germany National?
NO, and also verified(!) Depends on no nationality and also not the place
where you found. Only the NPO must be listed in Germany at a court which
is responsible for the NPO ...

>> - elect the BOARD of the NPO who much attend that meeting in person
> no doubt..!
:-) Thank you!

>> That´s I hope are all dependencies who must be fullfilled to 100% ...
> is there any restriction on taking membership, specially for outside
> German
> territory people?
NO! see above!

> I hope we would be able to form NPO soon, it is for sure a big task & will
> become a milestone for Fedora Project EMEA.
Also imho too :-)



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