[Ambassadors] idea for *every* event

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Mon Feb 18 02:59:45 UTC 2008

On Feb 17, 2008 1:25 PM, Max Spevack <mspevack at redhat.com> wrote:
> (1) A "join Fedora" station.  Somewhere at the booth, there is a
> computer or laptop with a sign on it that says "come here to join the
> Fedora Project" or something like that.  There is one person whose job
> is to talk to folks, get them interested in Fedora, and help them to go
> through the CLA and WikiEditing process.  The success metric is simple:
>     * Did the person leave having set up their Fedora Wiki homepage?
>     * Did the person become a Fedora Ambassador?
>     * Does the person have some idea of what they might like to
> contribute to Fedora?
>     * How many accounts were created at the event?

One barrier will be Internet access at events.  I know at the Ohio
Linux Fest booths generally do not have Internet access due to the
outrageous cost to have an Internet connection to the booth.  Though
relatively easy to circumvent, it is highly frowned upon.  This issue
certainly won't affect all events, but it could be a hurdle to a
sign-up station.

In another email you also mentioned that ambassdors are about not only
adding more users to Fedora, but finding more contributors.  From my
time working booths, I think you can sort of get a feel on whether
someone is more there to grab a DVD or if they were engaged in
conversation apt to contribute.

My initial thought was that we need a good flyer that covers some of
the groups a person could contribute to, reminding people that you
don't have to be a coder to contribute.  This flyer could be useful
when you are talking to someone at a booth and find a spark of
interest in that person for becoming a contributor.  It would give
them something to take with them to remind them after the event/show
that they should sign up.

It may be time to review the directions we have to complete the CLA
process as well.  Just to make sure we have things laid out as simple
as they can be.

And finally, something else to help track all of this without
necessarily needing to sign people up at a show would be a field that
allows people to entry a referral.  So, using the Ohio Linux Fest as
an example - if I was a new contributor that had been encouraged to
begin contributing at an event by an Ambassador I would have a spot to
enter an Ambassador's name or the event name.

> (2) A "bring us your USB key, and we'll turn it into a Fedora LiveUSB
> key for you" station.  Same idea as above.  We have a computer that has
> several Fedora Spins on it.  People bring their USB key, and we run the
> livecd-iso-to-disk tool and set their USB keys up as Fedora LiveUSB
> keys.  Again, the metric is simple:
>     * How many were created at the event?

I think this is a great idea.  I know at the last OLF we were burning
media like crazy throughout the day.  Carrying this over to USB live
USB keys would be good.


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