[Ambassadors] Fedora Local Language Spins

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at kanarip.com
Mon Feb 25 23:08:09 UTC 2008

Max Spevack wrote:
> (6) We figure out a plan for maintenance of the spin, and for hosting of 
> the ISOs.  But until there is something actually working, this is not 
> much of a worry, because it's simply a bunch of text in a .ks file, and 
> hosting that is trivial.

Basically there *cannot* be a problem in getting a live spin in any 
language pass Q&A if the (default) language is all that has changed, or 
if OOo(-langpack) is all that has been added. Part of how Release 
Engineering and Q&A wanted to compose the live spins had to do 
reproducibility, so if the same spin off the same tree is being 
reproduced several times with only a different language each, giving a 
thumbs up to each of those spins should be a breeze. Quality cannot be a 
problem considering the way the compose tools have been set up, and if 
quantity is a problem, really, you're back to a quality problem in the 
compose tools and reproducibility becomes utopia.

Hosting the ISOs (considering the footprint) is the tricky part I'd like 
to get involved with. Or actually, it's the amount of downloading from 
the user perspective that I'm concerned with, but it's the same difference.

Presumably, ~90% of the localized Live Spins (or any Live Spin?) is the 
same, give or take a dozen. I'm seeking a way to not have to 
host/download that ~90% twice or even more often. It's a squashfs in 
ISO9660, I'm sure there is a way of finding out what blocks match 
between the spins (squashfs) and get something jigdo-like to reduce the 
spin's footprints to a bare minimum.

This could potentially include modifications to livecd-tools as to make 
the common bits end up on ext3 in a way that makes them go in the same 
place on the squashfs image, and finally on the ISO9660 image, but that 
is beyond the scope of what I would want to do for a showcase.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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