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Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Fri Feb 29 22:24:24 UTC 2008

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 16:52:09 -0500 (EST)
Max Spevack <mspevack at redhat.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Robert Scheck wrote:
> > On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Frederic Hornain wrote:
> >> Does someone could explain me what is the procedure in order to create
> >> an official Fedora entity -association- for Belgium as my French or
> >> German friends did ?
> >
> > Sorry, when now being a bit rude, but wouldn't it be better to get at 
> > least some active ambassadors in Belgium doing more for the Fedora 
> > community? As far as I remember, there are only less Fedora 
> > ambassadors in Belgium and one of these less was even unable to 
> > organize a hotel for us at FOSDEM; we had to do this ourself... :-(
> >
> > Anway...the "German friends" founded a EMEA-wide NPO to be registered 
> > in Germany, which is not only in Germany or only for German ones, it 
> > is for the whole EMEA! Please participiate in Fedora EMEA and help 
> > us...
> I encourage everyone to re-read my response on this thread and think 
> about how we can continue to work together as a EUROPEAN COMMUNITY and 
> not worry about individual countries.

However I can hardly understand how such a big europen infrastructure could be able to manage local members individually. We are too many I think and have so many different cultures that I think it will be a very difficult task to handle. And I think this is were FAMSCO failed two years ago, it could not manage so many members because they were so different.

Local entities are good as they can do this face to face job with local members. That's what we do here, and I should not make a mistake saying that european people first feels being from their countries before feeling European. I consider myself as being more French than European, however, Europe IS bigger than France and gives many laws to us.

People are far from Europe from my point of view. EMEA organisation is good, but I personaly think it will be much easier task to communicate with identified local entities than with so many different local ambassadors.

Thomas Canniot
Thomas Canniot <thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org>

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