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[Ambassadors] RE: LinuxTag hotel (readme if you will attend LT)

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, Gerold wrote:


and also, to request a hotel room, you must sign up here:


confirmed Attendees
- Paul Frields (Fedora Project Leader) [USA]
- Max Spevack (former Fedora PL) [USA]

Paul and I will definitely be there.

- Tom 'spot' Callaway [USA]

Spot will be at FOSDEM... not sure if he'll be at LinuxTag also. I think the plan is that Spot will do FOSDEM and Paul will do LinuxTag.

- Jeroen van Meeuven [Netherlands]
- Ahmad Nayyar [Mosambique]

From FAMSCO (so far confirmed):
- Andreas Rau (Germany/Switzerland)
- Fabian Affolter (Switzerland)
- Francesco Ugolini (Italy)

We are planning the following highlights which will be shown:
- TroubleShooting contest with valuable Prices
- FUDCon (1 day Track dedicated with Fedora Speakers, Developers and Users)
- FAD (Fedora Ambassador Day)

At the FAD (or one of the nights during LinuxTag), I will lead a meeting in which we discuss the overall plan for Fedora Project in Europe for the rest of 2008.

Much thanks to the entire LinuxTag organizational team. They work hard for many months to handle the logistics of this event.


As a special gift to Francesco Ugolini, our FAMSCO chairman, we will order the largest pizza that we can find, and ask them to use spaghetti as the topping.


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