[Ambassadors] Event Reports

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Wed Feb 13 02:27:32 UTC 2008

For Red Hat, a new budget year begins on March 1.

Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul, and I have been working hard to 
secure *significantly* higher funding for community events and 
Ambassadors than has existed in previous years.

But with increased funding comes increased pressure to prove that the 
money was well spent.

To that end...

I would like to propose something for FAMSCO to consider, or if a policy 
like this is already in place, I would like FAMSCO to reiterate that 
policy and hold people accountable:


Anyone (regardless of whether they work for Red Hat or not) who 
receives money from the Fedora budget to *attend or organize* an event 
is required to produce an "event report".

The event report should consist of:

- one blog post per day with a description of what you did, the 
atmosphere of the event in general, and pictures if they are available.

- a summary post to fedora-ambassadors-list at the end that provides 
links to all the blog posts.

- the "leader" of that particular event should encourage all the other 
Fedora folks who were there to post about it as well, and aggregate 
their posts into the summary email to Fedora Ambassadors list.

- were any new contributors signed up during the event?

- the blog should be part of the Fedora Planet.

- this should be completed within 1 week from the end of the trip.


For examples, I would encourage people to look back at my blog posts 
from LinuxTag or FOSDEM last year, or Eugene Teo's blog posts about LCA 
just a week or two ago.

The reason why these reports should go on Fedora Planet is because there 
are many people who read Fedora Planet who never will read 
fedora-ambassadors-list and therefore more people will hear about the 

I would love if Thomas Chung and Spot would post some summaries of their 
trip to SCALE.  They are "senior" members of the Fedora community and I 
would expect this from them regardless, but because this event was last 
week, it is fresh in my mind.

Spot has already posted once about SCALE, but there has to be more! 
What was the BOF that you did like, for example?  Did we sign up any new 

Similarly, FAMSCO should expect to see a trip/event report from Jack for 
Florida Linux Show soon.

Just something for folks to think about...

REMEMBER: The most important thing that Fedora Ambassadors does is 
promote the Fedora brand, and recruit new members to our community.  We 
don't just want to recruit new Ambassadors -- we want to recruit new 
people who will be packagers, artists, documenters, testers, etc.  We 
are looking to identify people who are excited about Fedora, and to give 
them a personal introduction to the Fedora community.

One of the single best things that any Ambassador can do at an event is 
help a potential contributor sign the CLA and edit his/her personal wiki 
page.  Then the new contributor will leave feeling like they are a part 
of the community, and they will be ready to start contributing to Fedora 
when they get home.


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