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Re: [Ambassadors] RE: LinuxTag hotel (readme if you will attend LT)

Hi Oliver,

> Guys, this is YACO (Yet Another COnfirmation). :-)
> I'll be there. Flight is already booked. I'm coming together with one of
> my colleagues on 28th Mai early in the morning and fly back on Monday
> evening ('bout 20:00 I believe). Secretary is still searching for some
> hotel, but that should not be a real problem.
fine :-)
do you want to come as visitor of Linuxtag or as Ambassador to help?

> However, I just wanted to mention, that I'll be there and no RH
> sponsorship is required to get me there.
nice to read in any way :-)

> But if their budget is too full, I'm happy to provide my SWIFT code,
> RH shares are welcome too :-P
go on dreaming :-)

> Just jokin'.
me too *g*

> Any wiki/list where I should put my name on?
see the below mail, there are all your question concerning this question
answered ....

but if you don't find the link
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2008 here it
is again

> Best,
>  Oliver
Alway friendly yours ...


> Gerold wrote:
>> Hi Everybody and also Hi Max,
>> thanks for bringing up this issue on my behalf to everyone! Ladies,
>> Gentleman, please read carefully what Max told you between the lines ...
>> THIS is also the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION at Linuxtag 2008 in the Capital
>> of
>> Germany (Berlin).
>> More Information about Linuxtag (himself) at http://www.linuxtag.org
>> about
>> the Fedora presence:
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2008/ and
>> only
>> a few Highlights (not all) ...
>> confirmed Attendees
>> - Paul Frields (Fedora Project Leader) [USA]
>> - Max Spevack (former Fedora PL) [USA]
>> - Tom 'spot' Callaway [USA]
>> - Jeroen van Meeuven [Netherlands]
>> - Ahmad Nayyar [Mosambique]
>>>From FAMSCO (so far confirmed):
>> - Andreas Rau (Germany/Switzerland)
>> - Fabian Affolter (Switzerland)
>> - Francesco Ugolini (Italy)
>> we have also confirmed Countries presentations from Greece, France,
>> Belgium, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and
>> last
>> but not least: ALL Ambassadors from Switzland confirmed there
>> participation!
>> We are planning the following highlights which will be shown:
>> - TroubleShooting contest with valuable Prices
>> - FUDCon (1 day Track dedicated with Fedora Speakers, Developers and
>> Users)
>> - FAD (Fedora Ambassador Day)
>> - Fedora rocks on .... (Mac, X-Box, OLPC, EeePc a.s.o.)
>> - ShowRoom of Fedora 9 "Sulphur"
>> - meet the Developer
>> - HR Recruiting Corner from Red Hat
>> and a lot of social networking. Max, and not at least the Fedora
>> LinuxtagTeam would like to invite to to participate that show with more
>> than 10.000 visitors in four days and we hope, if YOU ARE FEDORA ...
>> you will participate and help us to get the fair as an success.
>> So go ahead, register and stay tuned ...
>> regards on behalf and in the name of the Team
>> Gerold

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