[Ambassadors] CLT08 Preparation

JoergSimon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Fri Feb 29 21:59:56 UTC 2008

one year is gone since we had our FedoraBooth on 
and after a warm up last week on FOSDEM once again we have a booth on CLT08 in 
the middle of CentOS and OpenBSD 
CLT is the most important FOSS(only) related event besides Linuxtag Berlin in 
Germany with around 4000 visitors. As the organizer points out the motto this 
year is "Free Knowledge and Free Culture" and the main attraction is the OLPC 
presented by a group olpc.at and SkoleLinux.
So i updated my knowledge about OLPC, to ask the right questions and know my 
words about the deep hints about the relation of OLPC and the Fedora Project. 
Booth build up will start tomorrow at 06:00 pm - and sadly we are only three 
Ambassadors RobertScheck and JensKuehnel and i, we have LiveDVD´s, the "I am 
Fedora" Shirts with the old Logo, Generic Posters on Truckplane, Posters from 
FrancescoCrippa who gave us some Posters on FOSDEM and a big Fedora Flag. 
Jens will give a talk - i could not see his talk on FOSDEM so i have another 
chance. I covered many events in the past and truly this is the best 
organized event in europe! Another hint - they have the best social event i 
So if you can come this year - be there - and if not, don´t miss it next year.

RobertScheck and i are save arrived at CLT and build up the booth - like last 
year we have a table and a wall. We carefull decorated with the Posters we 
have and then we hung a Fedora Flag on a wall above the booth - hope we don´t 
get in trouble with that ;-)
We get our Identity Cards and meal tickets - and will enjoy the start tomorrow 
morning at 08:00 am.

Many potential contributors are waiting to be hired ;)

Bye Joerg

Jörg Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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