[Ambassadors] Linkedin Fedora Group

Pascal Vincent Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Wed Jan 9 17:06:08 UTC 2008

Hi Francesco --

Great work!  I would be happy to help administer if you need some one.  
I am currently on LinkedIn as well.

  Best regards,

   - pascal

Pascal V. Calarco, MLIS
Head, Library Systems
University Libraries of Notre Dame/
Michiana Academic Library Consortium
Notre Dame, IN USA 46556-5629 
tel.: 574-631-3409  fax: 574-631-6772

Francesco Crippa wrote:
> Dear *,
> Fedora group on Linkedin is ready :-)
> If you have a linkedin account, you can join group following this link:
> http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/49737/66110D372636
> There's a page on the wiki to keep track of fedora groups on every social networks we know:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SocialNetwoks
> For the moment list is very short, but I think everyone can add some particular services (network is big, and fedora people crowd fast! Fedora groups is everywhere :-)
> For the moment there isn't any particular system to grant membership to new users. I'd like to share group administration with someone... Soon a more convenient method to authorize membership.
> See you soon
> Bye bye
> francecsco


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