[Ambassadors] FAMSCo 2007 Election Result

Andreas Rau rau_a at web.de
Thu Jan 10 20:44:12 UTC 2008

Hallo ALL Ambassadors,

first of all I want to thanks for this proof of trust :) 

You made me a member of Famsco

I will do my best to get this mission done as you expect. 
BUT, please provide Famsco with your minds, ideas and needs, cause we
need this input to make things better, thanks. 

At the moment I am on the train from Basel (Swissland) back to Karlsruhe
(Germany) where I am living. Due to that I ve no network at the moment,
but usually I am available by the following IMC's in case you have
questions, you want to talk or ... 

Yahoo: bop80medic
Skype: macwarth
ICQ:   135230467
MSN:   Andreas.Rau at infor.de   
(MSN-Account is enabled but the mailing is not active. outdated

Feel free to contact me

Additionally I will send my office-signature, too - 

(this makes sense for me, because I am more often at the office as at

That's all for now-  
let's have a good time 

Andi Rau

Andreas Rau                                 andreas.rau at unibas.ch
Universitaetsrechenzentrum                  Tel: (+41) (0) 61 267 22 77 
Universitaet Basel                          Fax: (+41) (0) 61 267 22 82
Klingelbergstr. 70                         
CH-4056 Basel                               Mobile: +41 79 607 94 49

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