[Ambassadors] What size of event in Fedora Events?

Pascal Vincent Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Mon Jan 14 22:09:39 UTC 2008

Done!  Thanks for the quick response.

  - pascal

JoergSimon wrote:
> Am Montag, 14. Januar 2008 22:57:44 schrieb Pascal Vincent Calarco:
>> Newbie ambassador here with a quick question
>> It appears that the majority of events that have been listed in the
>> Fedora Events by ambassadors are fairly large ones.  I'll be attending a
>> BarCamp next month and will suggest leading a discussion on Fedora, if
>> there is interest, but I am not sure whether to list this on Fedora events.
> do it! Transparency is everything. 
> I look forward for every Event-Report because we can learn so much from each 
> other!
> Cheers Joerg

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