[Ambassadors] EMEA Ambassador Meeting this Wednesday !

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Tue Jan 15 08:45:28 UTC 2008

Jonathan Dieter <jdieter at gmail.com> hat am 15. Januar 2008 um 06:19 geschrieben:

> Just a request that some future meetings start a bit sooner.  We're at
> UTC+0200 (which means the meeting starts at 22:00 for us which is quite
> late).
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

Dear Jonathan

Please understand, that there is _no_ perfect time (nor weekday) that fits
everyone. EMEA is stretched through many time zones, reaching from UTC+0000 to
UTC+0400 (or even farther, as the expansion of "EMEA" isn't very well defined).
This means that the meeting will be between 20:00 and 24:00 depending on where
one lives. I think neither earlier nor later would be fitting any better.

Personally, I think that most (active) EMEA ambassadors are in the +0100 and
+0200 time zones and that the resulting times of 21:00 and 22:00 are doable for
most people in this regions.

I hope you can accept this and that you'll be able to attend, nevertheless. The
meetings are taking place once a month only anyway. I think everyone appreciates
the collaboration of the EMEA ambassadors and the monthly IRC meetings are a
good way to work together.

red / SandroMathys
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