[Ambassadors] FedoraFamily

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jan 15 08:57:21 UTC 2008

Kushal Das wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 January 2008 02:25:43 am Clint Savage wrote:
>> Per a discussion with a couple people in #fudcon today, I am sending out an
>> email regarding a discussion that was held at FUDCon this weekend.
>> One of the first sessions I attended was the "Getting your parents to use
>> Fedora" session, which discussed techniques and ideas for helping your
>> family members and friends successfully install and run Fedora.
> One success story: My parents are using Fedora from the time of Core 5 (Now at 
> Core 6). As I left my home for the job, they are using my old PIII, 128MB RAM 
> system. They never used any computer before. So, it was easy to tell them 
> where to click for what, my father used to have troubles with different 
> passwords for root and other accounts, so I changed all passwords to same and 
> as no internet not much threat I think.

Setting up sudo and disabling the root account might be better than 
setting the same password for root and non-root users.


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