[Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.

Pablo Barrera pablo.floss at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 21:17:14 UTC 2008

Yes, I am agree with some opinions, and I made post, and I sent a private
mail to max, paul and jack
about what is the really need for our region, i.e Latinamerica.

I am not worried about who was elected. I think that anyway, in spite of
some differences, all the people
chosen are good people, and was elected by the communty. I think that the
spirit of the Bob´s mails is about
how to get success in regions, where theres not representation. I think that
Famsco will try to make the best.
Dont you think?....

When I talk about the "changes", i.e moving to more chairs divided by
regions, to get more representative
ambassador (after this, the amount of ambassador for election, was very very
low), but this could be an oportunity
to find the way to improve the famsco and ambassadors work all around.

Best wishes!
Pablo Barrera

2008/1/15, Robert 'Bob' Jensen <marketing-list at fedoralinks.org>:
> I have made a choice to resign from the Fedora Ambassadors project for a
> couple reasons. First I do not feel that all ambassadors will be equally
> represented by FAMSCo and its choice of leadership. Second now is the
> time to begin rebuilding the Fedora Marketing Project in to what
> Ambassadors could have been. I wish all the ambassadors that are not in
> Europe or the EMEA area the best of luck you are going to need it in the
> coming year.
> For those ambassadors that are in the EMEA "think globally and act
> locally" the choices you are making now will impact everyone in the
> future.
> Robert 'Bob' Jensen
> Former Fedora Ambassador, Former FAMSCo
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Pablo Barrera
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