[Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.

H. Guémar karlthered2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 14:22:58 UTC 2008

> I wish all the ambassadors that are not in Europe or the EMEA area the best of luck you are going to need it in the coming year.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
Current FAmSCo has been democratically elected, and any ambassador
could have self-nominated. You didn't even wait that the newly elected
FAmSCo starts its work to criticize them. This is quite rude and

There are no factions in Fedora Ambassadors and I hope that'll be the
same in the future.
At least, give a chance to our new FAmSCo, Fedora Ambassadors next
challenge will be to better structure itself. This election is NOT
(and should not be) an opportunity for EMEA to get more attention but
to leverage our experience in order to spread Fedora everywhere in the
world. What have been done in EMEA, could be done in America Latina,
North-America, Asia etc ...
I confide in the new FAmSCo as I confided in the previous one. I also
hope that we'll count you again among our peers.

FedoraProject knows no borders, no limits.

H. G.

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