[Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.

Pascal Vincent Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Wed Jan 16 18:05:32 UTC 2008

Well said! +1

 From the perspective of a new ambassador, the Fedora Ambassadors 
project is at a really exciting and interesting point.  The discussion 
of streamlining Fedora events, from the perspective of the EventKit and 
marketing, and having the opportunity to work on these goals from a 
global perspective and learn from each other is energizing, exciting, 
and makes one feel part of the global Fedora community.

Let's move forward together and work towards the advancement of Fedora, 
globally!  I look forward to getting to know all of you through this 

  Very best,

  - pascal

Francesco Ugolini wrote:
> FAmSCo is not Europe. FAmSCo is You.
> FAmSCo is made by people voted by people, people who came from all the 
> World, moreover, each ambassador could nominate himself/herself and 
> could be a FAmSCo member. So i don't understand why you say FAmSCo is 
> looking only at Europe.
> We were chosen by Ambassadors and we will work for everyone, it 
> doesn't matter the place where they live, their language: for FAmSCo 
> each ambassador is important.
> Regards
> Francesco Ugolini

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