[Ambassadors] EMEA: Preliminary Statutes

red_alert red_alert at the-psychiatry.ch
Sun Jan 20 09:50:57 UTC 2008


5.3: "contribution fee may be 1,000 per year or less"

1) 1,000 Euro? Or Pound Sterling? US dollars? Peanuts? Please specify :)
2) wtf, 1,000? isn't that a little too high? or maybe even more than 
just a little... or is there a good reason for that amount?

I'd say everything else is ok. I'm not good in such things, tho.

red / SandroMathys

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> Hi There,
> this message particularly addresses the EMEA Ambassadors, although of 
> course every Ambassador regardless of the geographical location is free 
> to comment.
> Attached is the first initial draft of the Statutes of Fedora EMEA, 
> which have been submitted for a principle (non-official) approval to the 
> German Financial Department some time ago, too.
> As we have not yet heard back from the German Financial Department, we 
> need to treat this initial draft with a little caution as far as 
> additions or changes are concerned; The document is in PDF format for a 
> reason ;-) I send this version of the document to all Ambassadors 
> anyway, because we do need some time to read the document and collect 
> all comments before the group of Ambassadors attending FOSDEM 2008 in 
> Brussels, Belgium takes it up for voting.
> The Statutes are based on a set that has been previously accepted by the 
> German Financial Department (a local LUG), with some minor changes as to 
> what the geographical scope and possibilities (meetings in person, etc.) 
> are.
> Please note that although the scope of the NPO according to these 
> Statutes is very, very broad, the NPO will not (can not) interfere with 
> normal Fedora Project's daily operations, principles or other 
> contributors and Ambassadors regardless of the continent either of those 
> take place in -it is primarily founded to provide a legal entity to 
> those of us (Ambassadors) in the EMEA area that need to share some kind 
> of resources (think of a purchasing an Event Kit that is being shipped 
> from one place to another, and cover the back of those Ambassadors that 
> now invest privately in getting a booth at an Event, etc.).
> Please also mind that none of this is set in stone, and the board (to be 
> elected at FOSDEM 2008 if Statutes are accepted) will need to make the 
> final decision on those topics.
> Any comments to what is in the document are welcome (via the mailing 
> list or to myself in private); any comments as to what is happening here 
> I would prefer you send to me in private to prevent any kind of 
> discussion taking any direction we are going to regret at some point in 
> time.
> Thank you,
> Kind regards,
> Jeroen van Meeuwen
> -kanarip
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