[Ambassadors] EMEA: Preliminary Statutes

red_alert red_alert at the-psychiatry.ch
Sun Jan 20 18:41:28 UTC 2008

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
>> 2) wtf, 1,000? isn't that a little too high? or maybe even more than 
>> just a little... or is there a good reason for that amount?
> Like Gerold already suggested too, this is a maximum contribution fee 
> the NPO can request from it's members, and maximums are often high. I 
> would not expect to see this maximum reached, ever, but from a legal 
> point of view the NPO must have /a/ maximum. So you choose one that is 
> not insanely high, but will also not limit you for many, many years to 
> come. Money devaluates over time and given that the General Members 
> Meeting must unanimously agree on raising or lowering this maximum, 
> having to do so every 5, 10 or even 20 years would become a problem for 
> any organization.

Ok, that's the reason in favor of such a high amount. Are there no 
contras then? I know that in some countries the maximum fee is important 
when it gets to liability but AFAIK this is not the case in Germany (at 
least not with an e.V.). Something else to consider?
...if not, I'd say 1,000 Euro is fair.

What initial fee are you going to propose at the formation, anyway?


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