[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Summary 2008-01-16

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jan 16 22:27:09 UTC 2008


FAmSCo election is over.  he members are RodrigoPadula, ThomasCanniot, 
FrancescoUgolini, FabianAffolter, JeffreyTadlock, AndreasRau, and 
JohnBabich. FrancescoUgolini will be the chair.  FabianAffolter will be 
the vice-chair.

Refer to this page if you want do know about the votes

Ambassadors Membership

2008-01-15, 292 Ambassadors have been verified (signed CLA and joined 
'ambassadors' group).

There is a FAmSCo proposal of cleaning-up the the list.  Chitlesh made a 
first start in 2006 and maybe we are going to continue.  It's not a 
about "active vs. inactive", only about to delete very old request for 
being an ambdassador

There is no list about the probationary period of ambassadors.


Linux Solutions at Paris
Everything is getting ready slowly as usual. But they are ready and will 
have 8 ambassadors on the booth, which is huge.  They are only waiting 
for DVD from GeroldKa / Max and everything will be perfect.

There are very cheap hotel in the suburb of Brussels, where MrTom will 
spend the night with other French Ambassadors. It's also a pitty that we 
can't stay all together, but OK, it depends on every portmonnaie. But in 
my eyes THIS is an issue which must be solved by the organizing 

Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2008
They received our approval for a booth.  Ambassadors are JoergSimon, 
RobertScheck, JensKuehnel and a last chance for DanielKretschmer. They 
will get a OLPC from RH Munich. They have banners and will get 100 DVDs 
from GeroldKa.

GeroldKa talked this afternoon with FlorianBrand and he trys to get a 
OLPC for the EMEA Ambassadors from JanWildeboer but he needs his next 
week for an event. FlorianBrand will inform kital later on, when he 
kwnos exactly when the OLPC is in Stuttgart.

Booth has been confirmed and we are enough people to handle the booth. 
Till now, we have no media and no swag.  The plan was to use media from 
the same order as for the other European events.  Posters are ready and 
we will get banners, too. AlanCox will be there.

Lolug Pillole
Lolug (a week ago) ask him to do a speech about fedora and fedora 
project.  He would like to invite other ambassadors from Italy (maybe 
from north of Italy), or forward invitation through various local lug 
mailing lists.  He will send an email to fedora-ambassadors ml with 
event details and I'll start process to request dvds and so on...


Same status as last year :-)  Unfortunately the german departments 
haven't answered yet.

Social networks

1) increase fedora visibility under some "very used social networks" 
(linked and flickr in particular...)
2) discover how many “fedora enthusiasts” are over social networks and 
how many of these read fedora-ambassadors and fedora-mkrt mailing list

If you search “fedora” you can find about 450 people but only 35 are 
subscribed to fedora group.
for the moment we have 3 managers: FrancescoCrippa, PascalCalarco and 

the Fedora Ambassadors group has 4 members; the Fedora Rocks group has: 
636members, the Fedora Users group 234 and the Fedora-Linux group 71

Invitation of "VIPs" (like JimWhitehurst or other important people in 
fedora...Max, Paul, etc...)

Next meeting (so far)

2008-02-13 - 20.00 UTC

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