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[Ambassadors] EMEA: Preliminary Statutes

Hi There,

this message particularly addresses the EMEA Ambassadors, although of course every Ambassador regardless of the geographical location is free to comment.

Attached is the first initial draft of the Statutes of Fedora EMEA, which have been submitted for a principle (non-official) approval to the German Financial Department some time ago, too.

As we have not yet heard back from the German Financial Department, we need to treat this initial draft with a little caution as far as additions or changes are concerned; The document is in PDF format for a reason ;-) I send this version of the document to all Ambassadors anyway, because we do need some time to read the document and collect all comments before the group of Ambassadors attending FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels, Belgium takes it up for voting.

The Statutes are based on a set that has been previously accepted by the German Financial Department (a local LUG), with some minor changes as to what the geographical scope and possibilities (meetings in person, etc.) are.

Please note that although the scope of the NPO according to these Statutes is very, very broad, the NPO will not (can not) interfere with normal Fedora Project's daily operations, principles or other contributors and Ambassadors regardless of the continent either of those take place in -it is primarily founded to provide a legal entity to those of us (Ambassadors) in the EMEA area that need to share some kind of resources (think of a purchasing an Event Kit that is being shipped from one place to another, and cover the back of those Ambassadors that now invest privately in getting a booth at an Event, etc.).

Please also mind that none of this is set in stone, and the board (to be elected at FOSDEM 2008 if Statutes are accepted) will need to make the final decision on those topics.

Any comments to what is in the document are welcome (via the mailing list or to myself in private); any comments as to what is happening here I would prefer you send to me in private to prevent any kind of discussion taking any direction we are going to regret at some point in time.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Attachment: Fedora EMEA Statutes.pdf
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