[Ambassadors] Fwd: [info] LUG Manipal's First Fedora 8 Install Fest

Ankur Shrivastava ankur at ankurs.com
Tue Jan 29 19:19:17 UTC 2008

For the First time in History of Manipal a Linux ( Fedora 8 ) Install Fest
took place on the Campus, it was organized by Linux user Group Manipal. It
was Basically a 2 Day Fest, on 24th a Pre-Install Fest / Meet was there
where participants were Informed about the requirements, advantages and
Importance of GNU/Linux and what all we will be doing in the second day i.e.
25th , there were all information given about various events held by
companies inviting students to innovate. The Day ended with the collection
of DVD to be burned for 25th Main Fest and some 45+ DVD's were collected
with DVD's still coming till start of Second day

Second day began with partitioning and distribution of DVD's after which the
main install fest began and all the steps were shown and explained, there
was some DVD corruption / Improper burning in 1-2 DVD's but everything else
was just fine, a script was prepared for upgrading Compiz and enabling 3D
effects for the HP 6515b laptops, the script handled most of the task which
were to be done in command line though all people were explained what it did
but since most of the people were First Time users it really made the task
of configuring the system very easy, rest laptops faced no problems so they
directly booted in Graphical mode already being out of time the Install Fest
was Finished with some problems still remaining which were solved

Me (Ankur Shrivastava
<http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/AnkurShrivastava>) and Dhananjay
Shingh <http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DhananjaySingh> Organized and guided
the Install Fest..........
We are looking forward for Organizing more events like these
Images could be found here


   *Email*: ankur at ankurs.com

   *IRC*: ankurs

   *GPG key*: 5A952E95

   *Fedora Account*: ankur
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