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[Ambassadors] Utah Open Source Conference 2008

Hi all,

As the organizer of UTOSC 2008, I'm officially asking for help from
Fedora Ambassadors who would like to attend and maintain a booth at
UTOSC 2008.  I'm hoping that there are a few who can make the
conference.  This year, we've had an amazing 89 presentations
submitted, and will have approximately 50 presentations during the 3
day event.  Check out more details as they are released at
http://2008.utosc.com (I should also mention that our fearless leader
has graciously accepted an offer of a keynote speaker).

In addition, we'll be providing a small expo floor (10-15 booths) and
Fedora is one of them!  To that end, I know there are funds set aside
for this event and would like to request materials soon, but don't
quite know how to go about it.  I figure this is a good as place as
any to start.

Thanks in advance for not beating me to a pulp for not knowing the process :)



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