[Ambassadors] self-intoduction

antonio montagnani antonio.montagnani at alice.it
Sun Jun 1 21:11:40 UTC 2008

Hello everybody
I am a Chemical engineer, 56 years old. I am living in Northern Italy, 
between Milan and lake of Como.
I was an expert of Computer assisted design in chemical engineering, 
before the Personal Computer age, that started in my office with a 
carton box from the Big Blue in 1983!!! I entered the Linux world at the 
beginning of the 2000s only because in a computer magazine I found a CD 
with RedHat 6.0 and as I am curious I installed an OS different from 
Windows. Since then I never left Redhat and finally I switched to Fedora.
In 2002 I introduced Linux in my office, Redhat at first and Fedora then.
As I love the bleeding edge software, I am pleased to use Fedora, and I 
like also Rawhide (writing from a F10 now)....
For your information, I learnt Linux the hard way, no help around, I 
could only trust on the various mailing list: then some friend of mine 
saw my machines working with Fedora and asked for help to install....now 
we are a very small bunch of people working with Fedora here around.
As I got much from Fedora, I decided to join the Ambassador group to 
give back some help to the Fedora help: of course, as I am not a big 
expert of software I could only join a group where not many deep 
technical skill were requested.
I am running a small local website related to linux and fedora only as a 
meeting point for people interested in Linux/Fedora in the neighboroughs.

Please note that I joined the list as antoniomontag , can anybody 
explain how to modify my account to AntonioMontagnani ???


Antonio M
Skype: antoniomontag

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Linux Fedora F10 (Rawhide) on Acer 5720
Linux user number 362582


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