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Gianluca Varisco gvarisco at redhat.com
Sun Jun 1 22:46:02 UTC 2008

antonio montagnani wrote:
> Hello everybody
> I am a Chemical engineer, 56 years old. I am living in Northern Italy, 
> between Milan and lake of Como.
> I was an expert of Computer assisted design in chemical engineering, 
> before the Personal Computer age, that started in my office with a 
> carton box from the Big Blue in 1983!!! I entered the Linux world at the 
> beginning of the 2000s only because in a computer magazine I found a CD 
> with RedHat 6.0 and as I am curious I installed an OS different from 
> Windows. Since then I never left Redhat and finally I switched to Fedora.
> In 2002 I introduced Linux in my office, Redhat at first and Fedora then.
> As I love the bleeding edge software, I am pleased to use Fedora, and I 
> like also Rawhide (writing from a F10 now)....
> For your information, I learnt Linux the hard way, no help around, I 
> could only trust on the various mailing list: then some friend of mine 
> saw my machines working with Fedora and asked for help to install....now 
> we are a very small bunch of people working with Fedora here around.
> As I got much from Fedora, I decided to join the Ambassador group to 
> give back some help to the Fedora help: of course, as I am not a big 
> expert of software I could only join a group where not many deep 
> technical skill were requested.
> I am running a small local website related to linux and fedora only as a 
> meeting point for people interested in Linux/Fedora in the neighboroughs.


Welcome aboard!

We (Italian Ambassadors) just held three F9 Release Parties in Lodi, 
Florence and Rome. If you want to help the Italian team or just want to 
keep you updated about Fedora here in Italy, please join us here: 

Feel free to contact me if you need further details.

> Please note that I joined the list as antoniomontag , can anybody 
> explain how to modify my account to AntonioMontagnani ???

Did you already asked to one of the members behind Fedora Infrastructure 
(fedora-infrastructure-list at redhat.com)?

Best Regards,

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