[Ambassadors] thank you to LinuxTag team!!!

Gerold gerold at lugd.org
Tue Jun 3 14:57:43 UTC 2008

> These are the date as published by LinuxTag:
> DE:
> http://www.linuxtag.org/2008/de/presse/pressemitteilungen/newsitem/article/linuxtag-2008-mit-deutlichem-besucherzuwachs.html
> EN:
> http://www.linuxtag.org/2008/en/press/press-releases/newsitem/article/linuxtag-2008-mit-deutlichem-besucherzuwachs.html
> ...just read the bottom line.
> Are you really telling me/us, that they just put a random date range
> into their press releases without even mentioning that the dates are not
> final yet and might change later on?
you're right!
I was not informed by Linuxtag and you're the man who did spread the
correct date. So please excuse me, if you feel blamed by me ...

LinuxTag 2009 IS at the date you mentioned!


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