[Ambassadors] LinuxTag 2008 and afterwards

Robert M. Albrecht romal at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jun 6 20:33:17 UTC 2008


> I would very much join in with the organization team and help out.

We have some other events to do: Froscon, Cebit, ... :-)

> Only the KDE project group actually showed things in their
> presentations, not everything worked perfectly - but that is not the
> problem and was very well played over. :) 

I demoed KDE 4 on Cebit, and that was very much unstable. But people liked 
it a lot.

Gimp has not even had slides. Simon used only live Gimp to do his lecture. 
That was very cool.

Ian Murdock had some slides, but there was no text. He displayed some 
artwork, "if you listen to me, you don`t need to read the same stuff, so I 
show you some fine artworks".

Very cool :-)

> As an experienced trainer I know people learn best by seeing and
> hearing. Powerpoint is nice but showing the real thing is better :)

Yes. I tried to do this for my workshop "Introduction into building RPMs".

Then I realized, I only have 45 minutes. That`s way to short to really 
write a spec-file and build the rpm. LinuxTag has to give the workshop more 

For things to show (not to create) like desktop-eye-candy or some other 
feature, 45 minutes are much more time.

cu romal

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