[Ambassadors] Hi all

Jason Benedict Low jbenedictlow at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 03:59:54 UTC 2008


that is great. I would love to meet you for a catch up after so long. 
Anyway, all while i had sold so many RHEL and the nearest recent one 
sold to Xin...... but just have no chance to ringer you to say a hi :-[ 
, even though we are just next building to RedHat Singapore.

OKay, let me complete up my Proposed Plan and i will arrange a meet up 
say 17th Tuesday 10:30am (If Leroy is okay)?

Thanks you & Have a Nice Day

Best Regards,
Jason Benedict Low
*Allow us to treat you with the individuality you deserve!

Harish Pillay wrote:
> Jason and Leroy -
> Welcome to the club.
>> i'm also member of Singapore Linux Meetup Group (SLMG), newly joined. Many
>> years back use to join SLUG where i met some nice peoples.
> LUGS (www.lugs.org.sg) does hold monthly meetings although the last ones were
> in end 2006.  LUGS has sorta deferred to SLMG which uses meetup.com to get this
> going and have been very successful.  LUGS has other plans being worked on
> so do subscribe the slugnet at lugs.org.sg mailing list for announcements etc.
>> Anyway, i'm planing FreeMedia or Sponsor program, since you are keen to
>> start a free Fedora CD/DVD distribution center in Singapore, may be you can
>> meet me at we discuss and do it together etc....
> Excellent.  I will gladly host you guys in my office.  Do suggest a
> time and let's
> take this offline.
> Harish
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