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Welcome on board! =]

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 11:18 AM, Andreas Kühntopf <andreas at kuehntopf.org>

> Hello,
> please let me introduce myself. My name is Andreas Kühntopf, 24 years
> old, from Kronach (Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany).
> I am a student of cs at the University of Applied Sciences, Coburg and
> currently in the sixth semester. Unfortunately there is not that much of
> a linux community here in my area. When someone is using linux, it is
> mostly Ubuntu or some derived version of it.
> My plan is to introduce Fedora to some folks here and show some presence
> of a very strong distro. They have got to notice that Ubuntu is not the
> only modern desktop linux distribution. I also would like to help at
> events like linuxtag where applicable. As a visitor i have been to the
> linuxtag for four years now, and i think it's a great gathering of linux
> enthusiasts.
> I started using Linux in 1999 with SuSE Linux 6.2 because i always loved
> messing around with my PC system and trying something new. Later then i
> mostly used debian and ubuntu.
> Now in 2008 i started using / working with Fedora and i found it to be a
> very nicely designed system and a community which i would truly enjoy
> working with, so i joined the fedora-de irc channel and talked to some
> people ;-)
> Some of my skills which are probably of interest to the Fedora
> community:
>  - Fluent in English, German is my mother-tongue
>  - Programming skills: Strong knowledge of design patterns,
>        Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Shell scripting
>  - Strong knowledge of Software Engineering processes (through
>   University)
>  - Have used many linux distributions, so i can certainly compare things
>   if someone asks me what the differences are e.g. between Ubuntu and
>   Fedora
>  - I love working with other people.
>  - Willing to dedicate some time to open source projects ( i think
>   that's a basic requirement ;-))
> If you need more informations, please let me know!
> I'm looking forward to working with you ;-)
> Kind Regards,
> Andreas
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