[Ambassadors] Re: Student partnership program. Extending fedora mentor program to students.

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 10:25:20 UTC 2008

2008/6/18 BiGYaN <bigyan.techie at gmail.com>:
> We also have the Sun Club in University of Calcutta, along with a Microsoft
> Campus Club. I sure hope that Fedora can start something like that. A club
> ensures regular meetings and all. The running cost is negligible. Our
> Administration is very open to such clubs and UG type of things.

Nice, so may we start off with University of Calcutta?
I can arrange for a few speakers and support (Media, brochures etc..)

But before that we need to make it official and well defined.
For that let us hear a few more opinions.



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