[Ambassadors] Greetings

Jean Thomas jean.thomas at networkingaume.be
Thu Jun 19 17:37:38 UTC 2008

hi all,

So, first of all I'm 50 years old,(hoops) and i'm From Belgium.
I am an independent consultant / trainer / teacher (night school) in Computer Networking. I am also giving course for cisco certification as well as redhat certification.
I have some certifications (CCNA / CCNP from cisco) and i am cisco instructor.
Certification from our 'friend RedHat' (RHCT, RHCE, RHCI).... i also been a SCO-UNIX tech rep.
Beside that i have a MS-degree in electrical engineering - computer science. (but so long ago)

I been using Unix, BSD....and Linux since i started working with computer (early 80'). At that time i use to work as international engineer for a company called microsoft... writing specification, drivers, BIOS for the European market.
Now i am sharing my knowledge with younger peoples...
I am currently using RHEL5, Centos and Fedora for the course, even for cisco course (zebra / quagga project).
Beside Linux i am heavily working with routing (IP) concept and protocol like IS-IS or BGP and technology like MPLS / VPLS as well as VoIP.

enough about myself, let try to promote fedora project thru school and student.


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