[Ambassadors] Hey! Thats me.

Sandro "red" Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 19 17:36:10 UTC 2008

Welcome CheekyBoinc!  Would be cool to have you with us at FrOSCon :)

Stefan Posdzich wrote:
> Hello,
> my Name is Stefan Posdzich and i am 24 years old.
> I was born in Duisburg, now i live in Warstein (both in North
> Rhine-Westphalia / Germany).
> I am working as a cook at "Haus Cramer" here in Warstein.
> But i am searching for new challenges.
> Vita:
> - Spielen-unter-Linux.de / a German Linux gaming community since 2006
> with Forum, Wiki, VoIP Server, Downloads etc.
> I am working (as chief editor) on a German magazine about Linux and
> gaming. Release is expected for July.
> - I have made various packages for Foresight Linux, Yellow Dog Linux,
> and now for Fedora.
> fbpanel, xqf and freesci are packages i have made for Fedora, more to come!
> I started, in the late 90's, with SuSE (openSUSE) but Yast was a horror.
> I switched to Debian and over the years, i really dont like the .deb
> system.
> Then there was Foresight Linux and the revolutionary conary package
> manager. But now, the german community is almost death.
> I used Fedora for many years as a secondary system, for 1 year now its
> my first system. I dont want to leave soon. :)
> I want to help the German Fedora community to grow, and want to help to
> spread the word.
> Especially here in Warstein. Maybe i can build up a Linux User Group.....
> I hope that i can be a part of FrOSCon '08
> More about me -> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Cheekyboinc
> my regards
> Stefan Posdzich
> ps: thanks to petreu and red_alert from the German Fedora IRC Channel (
> irc.freenode.net  #fedore-de / join us! )
> Without you.....i would never be a part of this....and so on... ;)
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