[Ambassadors] Re: Student partnership program. Extending fedora mentor program to students

ankur sinha sanjay_ankur at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jun 20 17:37:57 UTC 2008

Answers one by oneQ.Why i dint tell you that the script scrwd up at times ? Ans.  because i dint use it, also its success/failure looked like a game of luck at times.. sometimes it installed what it had to and sometimes it failed.. Explaining this to you would have been done better by  a user..Q.why i did not attend the workshops/contribute ??Ans . It was a choice i made at the time.. I had activaties that i chose to give preference to over the workshops , im efficient at teaching myself things using books and the internet which aided in my decision.. Also i did not think that the resources that i obtained would be helpful since the script was already available..Q. what was the right way??Ans.. listing the dependancies required for the ndiswrapper, and walking the attendees through a compilation from source.. it would have taught them the entire dependancy concept and the most basic way of installing a package.. The ati driver from the site should have
 been provided as a temporary measure to enable the users to use the gui.. once these two are functional they should have been asked to try installing the other packages such as graphics fgxlr, kernel updates etc using yum on their own..and queries entertained via email if another session could not be managed shortly..  this would have shown the simplicity of yum and its convienience..I do not expect them to download dependancies.. i expect them to be told of which dependancies exactly are necessary and help them there.. Q. do i help ppl??Ans .. It is wrong for you to assume that i do not share my knowledge with people.. i just do not propogate the fact that im a linux user and that ive acquired knowledge with that respect... There are people who are known to specialise in linux ( you are a mojor example) and people prefer calling you and taking a script or a straight command than to looking up man pages or cosulting the fedoraforums (my
 methods)...they do solve their problems.. they know what to do .. but not why they do so.. Q. how have i contributed??Ans.. installing fedora on 100+ peoples laptops out of which 20 use it regularly is not the only way of contributing.. Also u chose to fathom contributions in manipal..contributing outside manipal is also counted.. again.. thiese contributions will not be known to the public.. i dont simply say that this needs to be done.. i think of how it should be done and implement it wherever i can.. i have signed up for bug triaging and am learning (though slowly), i have also joined the freemedia and local provision programmes (at a standstill due to holidays) and have just joined the documentation project.. i dont need to tell anyone of these but im enlightening you to remove some false assumptions..Q do i want to quarrel with you??Ans.. thats the last thing im interested in doing \regards,Ankur..sincere apologies to all for the unneeded posts
 on the topic... please ignore..just some clarification needed..clarifications ended.. 

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