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Welcome Catur,

Good to have you here.

2008/6/22 Catur Wijiutomo <catur.wijiutomo at gmail.com>:
> Hi please let me introduce myself,  my name is Catur Wirawan Wijiutomo, 21
> years old, from Bandung (Indonesia). My interest ini Linux began about 3
> years ago when I first know what is linux. but I'm serious to use Linux an
> totally migrate 1 year after that. nowadays, I use linux for everyday
> living, from doing my assignment to leisure. the first distro I use and
> still be my favourites is Fedora
> I'm a student of Informatics Engineering at the Institut Teknologi Bandung,
> Linux is getting famous in my school. everybody know Linux. but not many
> people who know it use it. they prefer to use windows and too bad they use
> the piracy edition. from my research to asking them why they doing that is a
> mindset that windows is become standard. well that's what I disagree about
> and what I want to change, even in my experience life could be wonderful
> without it.
> my school already established a center for open source community which
> funded by government one year ago. and I am one of the member of this
> organization. I like to help people to understand Linux and why Linux is
> better. of course Fedora is what I recommend to them.
> I've got plan to some event which will be held and involve community in my
> school
>         *Install Fest : my school has an centre of Open source that is
>          fund by the government, install fest is one of their program. I
>          involved in this organization.
>        * Linux Information centre : make a portal in my local campus
> network.
>          so everyone can easily get information about Linux
>        * Fedora Weeks : a weeks with fedora. I would encourage people to
>          use fedora for a wee and get the feedback from them
>        * Linux Training : an event to introducing Linux technically.
>     and some little project that involve just myself
>        * fill my blog about my activities with Fedora
>        * answer people question's about fedora
>        * help people using Fedora
>        * giving access to people about Fedora product
>        * and much more..
> I'm looking forward to working with you ;-)
> Best regards
> --
> Catur Wirawan Wijiutomo
> Students of Institut Teknologi bandung
> --
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